• Each grip design features excellent traction for your hands
  • Billet aluminum accents are intricately machined and later finished in flawless chrome or black anodizing
  • Slot Track design features 1 1/4" billet aluminum inner collars with an air cushion rubber thumb pad, linear knurled rubber grips and slotted billet aluminum end caps
  • Port Hole, Deep Cut, and Smoothie designs feature 1 1/4" billet aluminum inner collars, diamond knurled rubber grips and billet aluminum end caps
  • Ring Leader design features a linear knurled rubber grip with integrated air pillows for extreme comfort; collars, rings and end caps machined from billet aluminum for an excellent look
  • Diamond Knurled rubber design features diamond knurled grips with integrated billet end caps for a clean design
  • All grips come with throttle sleeve installed and include grip glue and simple to follow instructions
  • Available in chrome or black anodized finish for cable or Throttle by Wire applications
  • Matching footpegs and shifter pegs are available separately

Fusion Grips

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0630-1160Chrome Beveled Fusion Grips$89.95
0630-1161Black/Natural Beveled Fusion Grips$89.95
0630-1162Chrome Beveled Fusion Grips$89.95
0630-1163Black/Natural Beveled Fusion Grips$89.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0630-1023Chrome Slot Track Fusion Grips$59.95
0630-1024Black/Natural Slot Track Fusion Grips$59.95
0630-1025Chrome Slot Track Fusion Grips$59.95
0630-1026Black/Natural Slot Track Fusion Grips$59.95
0630-1029Chrome Ring Leader Fusion Grips$49.95
0630-1030Black/Natural Ring Leader Fusion Grips$49.95
0630-1031Chrome Ring Leader Fusion Grips$49.95
0630-1032Black/Natural Ring Leader Fusion Grips$49.95
0630-1033Chrome Deep Cut Fusion Grips$89.95
0630-1034Black/Natural Deep Cut Fusion Grips$89.95
0630-1035Chrome Deep Cut Fusion Grips$89.95
0630-1036Black/Natural Deep Cut Fusion Grips$89.95
0630-1037Chrome Smooth Fusion Grips$59.95
0630-1038Black Smooth Fusion Grips$59.95
0630-1039Chrome Smooth Fusion Grips$59.95
0630-1040Black Smooth Fusion Grips$59.95
0630-1041Chrome Knurled Fusion Grips$49.95
0630-1042Black Knurled Fusion Grips$49.95
0630-1043Chrome Knurled Fusion Grips$49.95
0630-1044Black Knurled Fusion Grips$49.95