2016 Indian Scout Sixty by Carl Brouhard Designs

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With the popularity of the Indian market, we figured it was a great time to showcase an Indian build right out of our catalog. This custom 2016 Indian Scout Sixty from C&E Auburn Indian & V-Twin, out of Auburn, CA, was designed and built for us by Carl Brouhard from Carl Brouhard Designs. We knew Carl would not only demonstrate his extensive design talents, but also outfit the bike with his new Bomber series products. Not only did he customize the bike he also personally painted it for an ultra-customized look.
Part #
0611-0127Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Front Master Cylinder Cover
1731-0606Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Rear Master Cylinder Cover
0411-0162Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Fork Slider Covers
N/ALegend Suspension Revo-A Shocks
1904-0092Klock Werks Outrider Radiator Guard
1402-0363Klock Werks Outrider Front Fender
0203-0610Drag Specialties 60-Spoke Laced Front Wheels w/Custom Black Spokes
0204-0507Drag Specialties 60-Spoke Laced Rear Wheel w/Custom Black Spokes
0810-2003Drag Specialties 3/4 Solo Double Diamond Stitch Seat
1107-0562Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Derby Cover
1201-0854Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Pulley Cover
1810-2282Trask Performance 2-1 Exhaust System
2001-1538Drag Specialties Premium 5 3/4" LED Headlight
2020-1216Custom Dynamics Wrap-Arounds LED Front Turn Signals
2020-1311Joker Machine Omega LED Rear Turn Signals
2040-2008Joker Machine Turn Signal Adapter Plates
2030-1115Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Side Mount License Plate
0940-1647Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Stator Cover
0601-3056Trask Performance V-Line Handlebars
0630-1845Carl Brouhard Designs Cross Grips
0640-0412Joker Machine Left View Tech Mirror
0640-0414Joker Machine Right View Tech Mirror
1620-1646Trask Performance V-Line Foot Pegs
1620-1644Trask Performance Foot Peg Relocator Mounts
1603-0307Carl Brouhard Designs Cross Toe Pegs
0613-1356Joker Machine Clutch Lever
0614-1112Joker Machine Brake Lever
1601-0499Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Shift Rod
1602-1121Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Shift Arm
1610-0545Carl Brouhard Designs Bomber Brake Arm
Paint & Graphics
Paint graphics and pinstriping by Carl Brouhard
House of Kolor Blood Orange, Ultra or and Pearl, Aztec Gold, Black, Kandy Brandy Wine
NAPA Probase Clear