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We’ve given new meaning to “hooligan” with inspiration from the FatBook™. This 2010 “48” has been customized to feature outstanding parts from many of our top vendors – any of which may be just the right fit for your project.
Part #
1701-0305Performance Machine 6 Piston Front Brake Caliper
1701-0479Performance Maching 4 Piston Rear Brake Caliper
1710-1616Roland Sands Design 13" Front Brake Rotor
1710-1615Roland Sands Design 11.5" Rear Brake Rotor
1741-2716Drag Specialties Black Vinyl 28" Front Brake Line
1741-2704Drag Specialties Black Vinyl 15" Upper Rear Brake Line
1741-2706Drag Specialties 17" Lower Rear Brake Line
DS-098147Drag Specialties 3/8" Straight Banjo Fitting
1741-2721Drag Specialties 38" Black Brake Line
DS-098150Drag Specialties 3/8" 35 Degree Banjo Fitting
DS-098152Drag Specialties 7/16" Straight Banjo Fitting
1204-2725Drag Specialties Rear Brake Line "T"
1742-0116Drag Specialties 12mm Aluminum Crush Washers
1742-0115Drag Specialties 10mm Aluminum Crush Washers
1731-0480LA Choppers Black Front Master Cylinder Cover
1731-0489LA Choppers Black Rear Master Cylinder Cover
2330-0107Memphis Shades Cafe Fairing
2320-0137Memphis Shades Fairing Mounting Kit
n/aRoland Sands Design 17x3.5" Morris Front Wheel
n/aRoland Sands Design 17x3.5" Morris Rear Wheel
0317-0319Dunlop 150/70/17 Trailsmart Rear Tire
0317-0317Dunlop 130/80R17 Trailsmart Front Tire
2030-0991Custom Dynamics LED License Plate Frame
1310-1196Drag Specialties Premium Black 13" Adjustable Shocks
0806-0097Saddlemen Eliminator Faux Carbon Fiber Seat
0520-1832Saddlemen Eliminator Tail Section
0506-0833Speed Merchant Aluminum Skid Plate
0409-0013Joker Machine Fork Tube Caps
0410-0173Joker Machine Steering Stem Nut
1202-0105Roland Sands Design Black Ops Front Pulley Guard
1202-0092Roland Sands Design Black Ops Belt Guard
n/aRoland Sands Design Custom Braced Swingarm
n/aRoland Sands Design Textured Rear Pulley
1107-0292Joker Machine Racing Derby Cover
1107-0293Joker Machine Primary Inspection Cover
1800-1862Magnaflow Riot 2-1 Black Exhaust System
0940-1195Biltwell Black Ripple Point Cover
2401-0567Drag Specialties Smooth Allen Motor Bolt Kit
2401-0575Drag Specialties Smooth Allen Primary Cover Bolt Kit
2120-0230Namz 8" Extended Wiring Harness
2001-1192J.W. Speaker 5.75" Adaptive Headlight
2001-0591Headwinds 5/8" Vertical Offset 1 1/2" Headlight Mount Bracket
2040-0935Custom Dynamics Truflex LED 3.35" Red/Red Light Strips
2050-0098Custom Dynamics Dual Converter for LED Light Strips
0933-0067Roland Sands Design Ignition/Coil Mount
2104-0247Drag Specialties 8.8mm Black Spark Plug Wires
2103-0196Drag Specialties Spark Plugs
1010-1510S&S Stealth Air Cleaner Cover
1014-0116S&S Stealth Air Cleaner Back
1020-2023Vance & hines LCD Fuelpak
0610-1712PSR Anthem Contrast Lever Set
0652-1568Motion Pro Blackout Clutch Cable
0650-1139Motion Pro Blackout Throttle Cable
0651-0713Motion Pro Blackout Idle Cable
0601-1024Drag Specialties 1" Black Superbar
0630-1866Ken's Factory Neo-Fusion Black Grips
0602-0824Trask Assault Series 8" Risers for 1" Handlebars
1623-0187Roland Sands Design Black Ops Rear Sets