• These forged wheels place the highest material strength in the same direction as the operating load, creating a light and strong wheel
  • Feature the contour rim lip for a graceful arc from rim to lip
  • Custom rear wheels have a wider-than-stock hub and required custom spacing
  • Available in chrome, Contrast Cut™ or Platinum Cut
  • Contrast Cut™ finish starts with a polished wheel that has been black anodized, then recut to open up the design; Platinum Cut takes the process one step further by polishing the recut areas to a brilliant shine
  • Applications for most FLT and Softail models
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: For matching pulleys and rotors see TRANSMISSION & DRIVELINE and BRAKES sections.

NOTE: 09-12 FLHT, FLHR, FLHX, FLTR front applications require the use of the OEM spacers.



Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0201-0984Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Front Wheel$1,349.95
0201-0985Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Front Wheel$1,349.95
0201-0990Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Front Wheel$1,349.95
0201-1039Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Front Wheel$1,349.95
0201-1047Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Front Wheel$1,249.95
0201-1048Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Front Wheel$1,249.95
0201-1358Platinum Cut™ One-Piece Aluminum Front Wheel$1,399.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0202-1311Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$1,349.95
0202-1323Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$1,349.95
0202-1324Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$1,349.95
0202-1522Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$849.95
0202-1523Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$849.95
0202-1524Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$849.95
0202-1525Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$849.95
0202-1526Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$849.95
0202-1527Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$849.95
0202-1530Chrome One-Piece Aluminum Rear Wheel$849.95