• Friction ring is CNC-machined from 420 high-carbon steel, satin-finish stainless steel or from a lightweight aluminum-ceramic composite material
  • Each rotor has a friction ring machined to fit flush with a carrier crafted from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, locked together with a spiral retaining clip, giving the clean uninterrupted look of a solid rotor with the ultimate braking experience you can expect from a high performance fully-floating rotor by Lyndall Racing Brakes
  • Available with chrome-plated or black anodized carrier
  • For best results, use Lyndall Racing brake pads; see pages ??? for applications
  • Sold each
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Brake Rotor

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1710-0586ROTOR FR LD OMEGA 11.5CH$369.95
1710-0587ROTOR FR LD OMEGA 11.5BK$369.95
1710-0588ROTOR FR LD GEMINI 11.5CH$369.95
1710-0589ROTOR FR LD GEMINI 11.5BK$369.95
1710-0590ROTOR FR LD TRIANG 11.5CH$369.95
1710-0591ROTOR FR LD TRIANG 11.5BK$369.95
1710-0592ROTOR RR LD OMEGA 11.5CH$369.95
1710-0593ROTOR RR LD OMEGA 11.5BK$369.95
1710-0594ROTOR RR LD GEMINI 11.5CH$369.95
1710-0595ROTOR RR LD GEMINI 11.5BK$369.95
1710-0596ROTOR RR LD TRIANG 11.5CH$369.95
1710-0597ROTOR RR LD TRIANG 11.5BK$369.95
1710-0598ROTOR FR LD OMEGA 11.8CH$369.95
1710-0599ROTOR FR LD OMEGA 11.8BK$369.95
1710-0600ROTOR FR LD GEMINI 11.8CH$369.95
1710-0601ROTOR FR LD GEMINI 11.8BK$369.95
1710-0602ROTOR FR LD TRAING 11.8CH$369.95
1710-0603ROTOR FR LD TRAING 11.8BK$369.95
1710-0604ROTOR RR LD OMEGA 11.8CH$369.95
1710-0605ROTOR RR LD OMEGA 11.8BK$369.95
1710-0606ROTOR RR LD GEMINI 11.8CH$369.95
1710-0607ROTOR RR LD GEMINI 11.8BK$369.95
1710-0608ROTOR RR LD TRIANG 11.8CH$369.95
1710-0609ROTOR RR LD TRIANG 11.8BK$369.95
1710-1121ROTOR FT CMP OMGA 11.5CH$549.95
1710-1122ROTOR FT CMP OMGA 11.5BK$549.95
1710-1123ROTOR FT CMP GEMNI 11.5CH$549.95
1710-1124ROTOR FT CMP GEMNI 11.5BK$549.95
1710-1125ROTOR FT CMP TRANG 11.5CH$549.95
1710-1126ROTOR FT CMP TRANG 11.5BK$549.95
1710-1127ROTOR RR CMP OMGA 11.5CH$549.95
1710-1128ROTOR RR CMP OMGA 11.5BK$549.95
1710-1129ROTOR RR CMP GEMNI 11.5CH$549.95
1710-1130ROTOR RR CMP GEMNI 11.5BK$549.95
1710-1131ROTOR RR CMP TRANG 11.5CH$549.95
1710-1132ROTOR RR CMP TRANG 11.5BK$549.95
1710-1133ROTOR FT CMP OMGA 11.8CH$549.95
1710-1134ROTOR FT CMP OMGA 11.8BK$549.95
1710-1135ROTOR FT CMP GEMNI 11.8CH$549.95
1710-1136ROTOR FT CMP GEMNI 11.8BK$549.95
1710-1137ROTOR FT CMP TRANG 11.8CH$549.95
1710-1138ROTOR FT CMP TRANG 11.8BK$549.95
1710-1139ROTOR RR CMP OMGA 11.8CH$549.95
1710-1140ROTOR RR CMP OMGA 11.8BK$549.95
1710-1141ROTOR RR CMP GEMNI 11.8CH$549.95
1710-1142ROTOR RR CMP GEMNI 11.8BK$549.95
1710-1143ROTOR RR CMP TRANG 11.8CH$549.95
1710-1144ROTOR RR CMP TRANG 11.8BK$549.95
1710-1145ROTOR FT CMP INDY 11.5CH$549.95
1710-1146ROTOR FT CMP INDY 11.5BK$549.95
1710-1147ROTOR FT CMP INDY 11.8CH$549.95
1710-1148ROTOR FT CMP INDY 11.8BK$549.95
1710-1149ROTOR RR CMP INDY 11.5CH$549.95
1710-1150ROTOR RR CMP INDY 11.5BK$549.95
1710-1151ROTOR RR CMP INDY 11.8CH$549.95
1710-1152ROTOR RR CMP INDY 11.8BK$549.95
1710-1153ROTOR FT LD INDY 11.5 CH$369.95
1710-1154ROTOR FT LD INDY 11.5 BK$369.95
1710-1155ROTOR FT LD INDY 11.8 CH$369.95
1710-1156ROTOR FT LD INDY 11.8 BK$369.95
1710-1157ROTOR RR LD INDY 11.5 CH$369.95
1710-1158ROTOR RR LD INDY 11.5 BK$369.95
1710-1159ROTOR RR LD INDY 11.8 CH$369.95
1710-1160ROTOR RR LD INDY 11.8 BK$369.95
1710-1460Black Lug-Drive Rear Brake Rotor$469.95
1710-1461Chrome Lug-Drive Rear Brake Rotor$469.95
1710-1462Black Lug-Drive Front Brake Rotor$469.95
1710-1463Chrome Lug-Drive Front Brake Rotor$469.95
1710-1464Black Lug-Drive Front Brake Rotor$469.95
1710-1465Chrome Lug-Drive Front Brake Rotor$469.95
1710-1466ROTOR F LD MILNM 11.5 BK$369.95
1710-1467ROTOR F LD MILNM 11.5 CH$369.95
1710-1468ROTOR R LD MILNM 11.5 BK$369.95
1710-1469ROTOR R LD MILNM 11.5 CH$369.95
1710-1470ROTOR F LD MILNM 11.8 BK$369.95
1710-1471ROTOR F LD MILNM 11.8 CH$369.95
1710-1472ROTOR R LD MILNM 11.8 BK$369.95
1710-1473ROTOR R LD MILNM 11.8 CH$369.95