• All lines have a 3/8" 90° banjo at the caliper end
  • Meet or exceeds DOT FMVSS-571-106 standards
  • The banjo is incorporated at the caliper end of the hose assembly
  • Available in clear-coated stainless steel with chrome fittings or black coating stainless steel outer band with black fittings
  • Makes the rotation alignment hassle free
  • Using all stock mounting locations and hardware, simply route your hose and attach the banjo at the master cylinder
  • Engineered using two O-rings for a positive seal
  • Features Russell's exclusive 360° swivel banjo system (patent pending)
  • Supported by 305 stainless steel retention pin for permanent attachment
Pro Swivel™ Brake Hoses

Pro Swivel™ Brake Hoses

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1741-2479BRK HOSE 40" STR7/16X90$60.95
1741-2480BRK HOSE 40" 35DEG7/16X90$60.95
1741-2481BRK HOSE 42" STR7/16X90$59.95
1741-2482BRK HOSE 44" STR7/16X90$60.95
1741-2483BRK HOSE 44" 35DEG7/16X90$60.95
1741-2484BRK HOSE 46" STR7/16X90$60.95
1741-2485BRK HOSE 46" 35DEG7/16X90$61.95
1741-2486BRK HOSE 48" STRT 7/16X90$61.95
1741-2487BRK HOSE 48" 90DEG7/16X90$65.95
1741-2488BRK HOSE 50" 90DEG7/16X90$65.95
1741-2489BRK HOSE 52" 90DEG7/16X90$66.95
1741-2490BRK HOSE 54" 90DEG7/16X90$66.95
1741-2491BRK HOSE 48" 90DEG3/8X90$59.95
1741-2492BRK HOSE 50" 90DEG3/8X90$60.95
1741-2493BRK HOSE 52" 90DEG3/8X90$61.95
1741-2494BRK HOSE 54" 90DEG3/8X90$61.95
1741-3547BRK HOSE 48 35DEG7/16 BLK$63.95
1741-3548BRK HOSE 50 35DEG7/16 BLK$63.95
1741-3549BRK HOSE 52 35DEG7/16 BLK$64.95
1741-3550BRK HOSE 54 35DEG7/16 BLK$65.95
1741-3552HOSE BRK 48" 35DEG7/16X90$58.95
1741-3553HOSE BRK 50" 35DEG7/16X90$59.95
1741-3554HOSE BRK 52" 35DEG7/16X90$60.95
1741-3555HOSE BRK 54" 35DEG7/16X90$60.95
Brake Hose

Brake Hose

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1741-2748BRK HOSE 40 STR7/16X90BLK$64.95
1741-2749BRK HOSE 40 35DEG7/16XBLK$65.95
1741-2750BRK HOSE 42 STR7/16X90BLK$64.95
1741-2751BRK HOSE 44 STR7/16X90BLK$66.95
1741-2752BRK HOSE 44 35DEG7/16 BLK$66.95
1741-2753BRK HOSE 46 STR7/16X90BLK$66.95
1741-2754BRK HOSE 46 35DEG7/16 BLK$67.95
1741-2755BRK HOSE 48 STRT 7/16 BLK$68.95
1741-2756BRK HOSE 48 90DEG7/16 BLK$68.95
1741-2757BRK HOSE 50 90DEG7/16 BLK$69.95
1741-2758BRK HOSE 52 90DEG7/16 BLK$69.95
1741-2759BRK HOSE 54 90DEG7/16 BLK$70.95
1741-2760BRK HOSE 48 90DEG 3/8 BLK$66.95
1741-2761BRK HOSE 50 90DEG 3/8 BLK$66.95
1741-2762BRK HOSE 52 90DEG 3/8 BLK$67.95
1741-2763BRK HOSE 54 90DEG 3/8 BLK$68.95