• Matching Renegade reusable adapter fittings feature a Twilight Black finish and are sold separately
  • Minimize line expansion
  • Ready for adapter fittings, these build-it-yourself brake lines are the newest innovation from Russell
  • Meet DOT MVSS-106 guidelines
  • Provide superior braking performance with braided Powerflex
  • Feature Twilight Black finish; abrasion-resistant against painted surfaces
  • Preassembled with Russell high-performance #3 stainless steel braided hose that features a rugged PTFE inner liner and crimp-on female swivel hose ends
  • Work with all brake fluids as well as stock, custom and racing applications
  • Black hose appearance is perfect for retros and late-model customs
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: 04-13 XL models use metric 10mm x 1.25 and 12mm x 1.50 banjo bolts, washers and fittings. All Big Twin (except 08-13 Dressers) and pre-04 XL models use standard 3/8" and 7/16" banjo bolts, washers and fittings. Fittings and washers listed as 3/8"/10mm can be used in either application.

Brake Line

Brake Line

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1741-0065BRAKE LINE 9" RENEGADE$35.95
1741-0066BRAKE LINE 12" RENEGADE$36.95
1741-0067BRAKE LINE 15" RENEGADE$37.95
1741-0068BRAKE LINE 17" RENEGADE$37.95
1741-0069BRAKE LINE 18" RENEGADE$38.95
1741-0070BRAKE LINE 19" RENEGADE$38.95
1741-0071BRAKE LINE 21" RENEGADE$39.95
1741-0072BRAKE LINE 23" RENEGADE$40.95
1741-0073BRAKE LINE 25" RENEGADE$40.95
1741-0074BRAKE LINE 26" RENEGADE$41.95
1741-0075BRAKE LINE 28" RENEGADE$41.95
1741-0076BRAKE LINE 30" RENEGADE$42.95
1741-0077BRAKE LINE 32" RENEGADE$43.95
1741-0078BRAKE LINE 34" RENEGADE$44.95
1741-0079BRAKE LINE 38" RENEGADE$45.95
1741-0080BRAKE LINE 40" RENEGADE$46.95
1741-0081BRAKE LINE 42" RENEGADE$47.95
1741-0082BRAKE LINE 43" RENEGADE$47.95
1741-0083BRAKE LINE 44" RENEGADE$47.95
1741-0084BRAKE LINE 45" RENEGADE$48.95
1741-0085BRAKE LINE 47" RENEGADE$48.95
1741-0086BRAKE LINE 50" RENEGADE$50.95
1741-0087BRAKE LINE 52" RENEGADE$50.95
1741-0088BRAKE LINE 54" RENEGADE$51.95
1741-0089BRAKE LINE 56" RENEGADE$52.95
1741-0090BRAKE LINE 58" RENEGADE$52.95
1741-0091BRAKE LINE 60" RENEGADE$53.95
1741-0094BRAKE LINE 66" RENEGADE$55.95
1741-0095BRAKE LINE 68" RENEGADE$56.95
1741-0097BRAKE LINE 72" RENEGADE$58.95
Renegade Universal Brake Lines and Fittings

Renegade Universal Brake Lines and Fittings

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1742-0404#3FRT JUNCBLOCK 08+FL BLK$60.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1742-0005FIT 1/8 NPT - #3MALE BLK$10.95
1742-0006FITTING #3 MALE TEE BLK$27.95
1742-000745DEG 1/8NPT-#3 MALE BLK$20.95
1742-000890DEG 1/8NPT-#3 MALE BLK$15.95
1742-0017BANJO 3/8 /10MM 90 DEG BK$15.95
1742-0018BANJO 7/16 X #3MALE 90 BK$14.95
1742-0019BANJO 3/8 /10MM 35 DEG BK$15.95
1742-0020BANJO 7/16 X #3MALE 35 BK$14.95
1742-0021BANJO 3/8 /10MM-3MALE STR$14.95
1742-0022BANJO 7/16 X #3MALE STRT$14.95
1742-0068BANJO 3/8 /10MM-3MALE 45B$13.95
1742-0070BANJO 7/16 X#3MALE 45 BLK$13.95
1742-0127BANJO 12MMX-3 STRT BLKCH$14.95
1742-0129BANJO 12MMX-3 35DEG BLK$14.95
1742-0131BANJO 12MMX-3 90DEG BLK$14.95
Banjo Bolt

Banjo Bolt

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1742-0002BANJO BOLT 3/8 -24 BLK CH$14.95
1742-0003BANJO BOLT 7/16 -24 BLKCH$16.95
1742-0004DBL BANJO 3/8 -24 BLK CH$11.95
1742-0034BANJO BOLT 10MM X1.25 REN$14.95
1742-0124BANJO BOLT 12MM X 1.5 BLK$14.95
1742-0360BANJO BOLT TORX 3/8-24 BK$14.95
1742-0361BANJO BOLT TORX7/16-24 BK$15.95
1742-0363BANJO BOLT TORX12X1.50 BK$15.95
1742-0364BANJO BOLT TORX10X1.25 BK$14.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1742-0001BRAKE FITTING 3/8 -24 FLR$18.95
1742-00093/8-24 INVER FLARE 90LONG$17.95
1742-00103/8"-24 INVERTED FLARE 45$17.95
1742-00113/8-24 INVER FLARE 90SHRT$16.95
1742-00153/8 INVERTED FLARE 150BND$22.95
Glide Junction Block

Glide Junction Block

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1742-0012#3FRONT JUNCTION BLOCK NG$58.95
Guide Junction Box

Guide Junction Box

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1742-0016#3FRONT JUNCTION BLOCK WG$57.95