• Low effort, maximum efficiency cable design meets or exceeds all OEM specifications for fitment, construction and endurance requirements
  • Cables feature chrome-plated fittings, black vinyl outer casings, tempered-steel inner wire and a nylon inner sleeve for smooth operation
  • High-performance cables use the latest technology of longitudinally winding the outer housing lengthwise rather than spirally so cable bends in a more natural arc and eliminates spring and compression
  • Available in undersize/standard/oversize lengths for most models

NOTE: Late-style cables are measured with the adjuster completely collapsed.

NOTE: Adjuster measured from bottom of cable.

Black Vinyl High Efficiency (H.E.) Clutch Cables

Black Vinyl High Efficiency (H.E.) Clutch Cables

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
Brakeline Cables

Brakeline Cables

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0652-1561CABLE CLT 80" VINYL$54.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0652-1387CABLE CLT 38607-87A VNYL$50.95
0652-1388CABLE CLT 38618-68C VNYL$38.95
0652-1389CABLE CLT 38618-68C+6VNYL$44.95
0652-1390CABLE CLT 38619-86A VNYL$50.95
0652-1391CABLE CLT 38606-87A VNYL$50.95
0652-1392CABLE CLT 38606-87A+6VNYL$52.95
0652-1393CABLE CLT 38612-86A VNYL$50.95
0652-1396CABLE CLT 38599-83A VNYL$38.95
0652-1397CABLE CLT 38599-83A+6VNYL$44.95
0652-1398CABLE CLT 36753-87A VNYL$50.95
0652-1399CABLE CLT 36753-87A+6VNYL$52.95
0652-1400CABLE CLT 38655-87A VNYL$50.95
0652-1401CABLE CLT 38602-92 VNYL$50.95
0652-1402CABLE CLT 38602-92+4 VNYL$52.95
0652-1403CABLE CLT 38602-92+6 VNYL$52.95
0652-1404CABLE CLT 38602-92+8 VNYL$52.95
0652-1405CABLE CLT 38602-92+10VNYL$52.95
0652-1407CABLE CLT 38601-89 VNYL$50.95
0652-1408CABLE CLT 38601-89+2 VNYL$52.95
0652-1409CABLE CLT 38601-89+4 VNYL$52.95
0652-1410CABLE CLT 38601-89+6 VNYL$52.95
0652-1411CABLE CLT 38601-89+8 VNYL$52.95
0652-1412CABLE CLT 38601-89+10VNYL$52.95
0652-1413CABLE CLT 38617-95 VNYL$50.95
0652-1414CABLE CLT 38617-95+6 VNYL$52.95
0652-1415CABLE CLT 38662-00 VNYL$50.95
0652-1416CABLE CLT 38666-00 VNYL$50.95
0652-1417CABLE CLT 38666-00+6 VNYL$52.95
0652-1418CABLE CLT 38665-00 VNYL$50.95
0652-1419CABLE CLT 38665-00+6 VNYL$52.95
0652-1420CABLE CLT 38699-04 VNYL$50.95
0652-1421CABLE CLT 38702-05A VNYL$50.95
0652-1422CABLE CLT 38702-05A+2VNYL$52.95
0652-1423CABLE CLT 38667-07 VNYL$51.95
0652-1424CABLE CLT 38665-07 VNYL$51.95
0652-1425CABLE CLT 38665-07+2 VNYL$51.95
0652-1426CABLE CLT 38664-07 VNYL$51.95
0652-1427CABLE CLT 38666-07 VNYL$53.95
0652-1428CABLE CLT 38787-06A VNYL$53.95
0652-1429CABLE CLT 38788-06A VNYL$53.95
0652-1430CABLE CLT 38789-06A VNYL$53.95
0652-1431CABLE CLT 72 3/4" VNYL$53.95
0652-1432CABLE CLT 74 3/4" VNYL$53.95
0652-1433CABLE CLT 76 3/4" VNYL$53.95
0652-1434CABLE CLT 78 3/4" VNYL$53.95
0652-1435CABLE CLT 38667-08A VNYL$51.95
0652-1436CABLE CLT 38667-08A+2VNYL$51.95
0652-1437CABLE CLT 38667-08A+4VNYL$53.95
0652-1438CABLE CLT 38667-08A+6VNYL$53.95
0652-1439CABLE CLT 38667-08A+8VNYL$53.95
0652-1440CABLE CLT 38667-08A+10VYL$53.95
0652-1441CABLE CLT 38667-08A-2VNYL$51.95
0652-1501CABLE CLT 50" VINYL$53.95
0652-1503CABLE CLT 80" VINYL$54.95
0652-1505CABLE CLT 45" VINYL$53.95
0652-1507CABLE CLT 48" VINYL$53.95
0652-1509CABLE CLT 50" VINYL$53.95
0652-1511CABLE CLT 52" VINYL$53.95
0652-1513CABLE CLT 80" VINYL$54.95
0652-1515CABLE CLT 45" VINYL$53.95
0652-1517CABLE CLT 48" VINYL$53.95
0652-1519CABLE CLT 50" VINYL$53.95
0652-1521CABLE CLT 52" VINYL$53.95
0652-1523CABLE CLT 80" VINYL$54.95
0652-1525CABLE CLT 50" VINYL$53.95
0652-1527CABLE CLT 50" VINYL$53.95
0652-1529CABLE CLT 80" VINYL$54.95
0652-1531CABLE CLT 61" VINYL$44.95
0652-1533CABLE CLT 50" VINYL$38.95
0652-1535CABLE CLT 54" VINYL$44.95
0652-1537CABLE CLT 56" VINYL$46.95
0652-1539CABLE CLT 58" VINYL$46.95
0652-1541CABLE CLT 60" VINYL$46.95