• 11/4
  • 11/4" handlebars with 1" clamping area (unless noted)
  • Notched for electronic throttle control (except for FXSTS/FLSTS/FXDF models)
  • Polished welds
  • Slotted for internal or external wiring
  • Offer a clean line of sight to the stock mirrors
  • Made in the U.S.A.

11/4" Strip Handlebars

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0601-1536HANDLEBARS FATBOB 17"CH$285.95
0601-1537HANDLEBARS FATBOB 17"BK$285.95
0601-1538HANDLEBARS FATBOB 17"FLAT$285.95
0601-1539HANDLEBARS FATBOB 12"CH$285.95
0601-1540HANDLEBARS FATBOB 12"BK$285.95
0601-1541HANDLEBARS FATBOB 12"FLAT$285.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0601-1060HANDLEBAR 17" THCK CHROME$285.95
0601-1061HANDLEBAR 10" FLHT CHROME$285.95
0601-1062HANDLEBAR 10" FLHT BLACK$285.95
0601-1063HANDLEBAR 10" FLHT BLK$285.95
0601-1064HANDLEBAR 12"THICK CHROME$285.95
0601-1065HANDLEBAR 12" THCK BLACK$285.95
0601-1066HANDLEBAR 12" THCK FLTBLK$285.95
0601-1067HANDLEBAR 17" THCK BLACK$285.95
0601-1068HANDLEBAR 17" THCK FLTBLK$285.95
0601-1256HANDLEBAR 8" FLHT CHROME$285.95
0601-1257HANDLEBAR 8" FLHT BLACK$285.95
0601-1258HANDLEBAR 8"FLHT BLK$285.95
0601-1460HANDLEBAR THICK 10" CHR$285.95
0601-1461HANDLEBAR THICK 10" BLK$285.95
0601-1462HANDLEBAR THICK 10" FBLK$285.95
0601-1463HANDLEBAR 10"SPR THICK CH$285.95
0601-1464HANDLEBAR 10"SPR THICK BK$285.95
0601-1466HANDLEBAR 12"SPR THICK CH$285.95
0601-1467HANDLEBAR 12"SPR THICK BK$285.95
0601-1468HANDLEBAR 12"SPR THCK FBK$285.95
0601-1469HANDLEBAR 17"SPR THICK CH$285.95
0601-1470HANDLEBAR 17"SPR THICK BK$285.95
0601-1471HANDLEBAR 17"SPR THCK FBK$285.95
0601-1472HANDLEBAR 13" FLHT CHR$285.95
0601-1473HANDLEBAR 13" FLHT BLK$285.95
0601-1474HANDLEBAR 13" FLHT FBLK$285.95
0601-1868HANDLEBAR FATBOB 10" CH$285.95
0601-1869HANDLEBAR FATBOB 10" BK$285.95
0601-1870HANDLEBAR FATBOB 10" FB$285.95
0601-1871HANDLEBAR STRP 12 BKLN CH$285.95
0601-1872HANDLEBAR STRP 12 BKLN BK$285.95
0601-1873HANDLEBAR STRP 12 BKLN FB$285.95