• Made in the U.S.A.
  • Stainless braided kits include throttle cable, idle cable (except 08-13 Dressers), clutch cable, brake lines, chrome "T" brake line junction, banjo bolts, fittings and copper crush washers
  • Kits give you the correct length cables and brake lines you need so you can complete a handlebar swap, install the new cables/brake lines and ride
  • Takes "cable calculation" headaches out of swapping handlebars
  • Black vinyl/stainless kits include black vinyl throttle and idle cables (except 08-13 Dressers), black vinyl clutch cable and black stainless brake lines with chrome fittings, banjo bolts and crush washers
  • Electrical wire extensions not included (available separately)
Cable and Brake Line Kit

Cable and Brake Line Kit

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0610-0284Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Stainless Braided OEM Handlebars$259.95
0610-0285Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Stainless Braided Beach Bars$259.95
0610-0286Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Stainless Braided Mini Apes$259.95
0610-0287Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Stainless Braided 12"-14" Ape Hangers$259.95
0610-0288Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Stainless Braided 15"-17" Ape Hangers$259.95
0610-0289Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Stainless Braided 18"-20" Ape Hangers$259.95
0610-0290CBL LINE KT STK 96-07FL$409.95
0610-0291CBL LINE KT BEACH 96-07FL$409.95
0610-0292CBL LINE KT MINI 96-07FL$409.95
0610-0293CBL LINE KT 12-14"96-07FL$409.95
0610-0294CBL LINE KT 15-17"96-07FL$409.95
0610-0295Kickstand Puck$409.95
0610-0296CBL LINE KT STK 96-07RK$409.95
0610-0297CBL LINE KT BEACH 96-07RK$409.95
0610-0298CBL LINE KT MINI 96-07RK$409.95
0610-0299CBL LINE KT 12-14"96-07RK$409.95
0610-0300CBL LINE KT 15-17"96-07RK$409.95
0610-0301CBL LINE KT 18-20"96-07RK$409.95
Handlebar Cable and Brake Line Kit

Handlebar Cable and Brake Line Kit

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0610-0338CBL LN KT STK 96-08FLST$309.95
0610-0339CBL LN KT BCH 96-08FLST$309.95
0610-0340CBL LN KT MINI 96-08FLST$309.95
0610-0341CBL LN KT 12-14"96-08FLST$309.95
0610-0342CBL LN KT 15-17"96-08FLST$309.95
0610-0343CBL LN KT 18-20"96-08FLST$309.95
0610-0344CBL LN KT STK 09-14FLST$309.95
0610-0345CBL LN KT BCH 09-14FLST$309.95
0610-0346CBL LN KT MINI 09-14FLST$309.95
0610-0347CBL LN KT 12-1409-14FLST$309.95
0610-0348CBL LN KT 15-1709-14FLST$309.95
0610-0349CBL LN KT 18-2009-14FLST$309.95
0610-0350CABLE KT BK STK 96-08FLST$219.95
0610-0351CABLE KT BK BCH 96-08FLST$219.95
0610-0352CABLE KT BK MINI96-08FLST$219.95
0610-0353CBLE KT BK12-14"96-08FLST$219.95
0610-0354CBLE KT BK15-17"96-08FLST$219.95
0610-0355CBLE KT BK18-20"96-08FLST$219.95
0610-0356CABLE KT BK STK 09-14FLST$219.95
0610-0357CBL LN KT BK BCH09-14FLST$219.95
0610-0358CABLE KT BK MINI09-14FLST$219.95
0610-0359CBLE KT BK12-1409-14FLST$219.95
0610-0360CBLE KT BK15-1709-14FLST$219.95
0610-0361CBLE KT BK18-2009-14FLST$219.95
0610-0362CBL LN KT STK 08-13XBNE$309.95
0610-0363CBL LN KT BCH 08-13XBNE$309.95
0610-0364CABLE KT MINI 08-13XBNE$309.95
0610-0365CBL LN KT 12-1408-13XBNE$309.95
0610-0366CBL LN KT 15-1708-13XBNE$309.95
0610-0367CBL LN KT 18-2008-13XBNE$309.95
0610-0368CABLE KT BK STK 08-13XBNE$219.95
0610-0369CABLE KT BK BCH 08-13XBNE$219.95
0610-0370CABLE KT BK MINI08-13XBNE$219.95
0610-0371CBLE KT BK12-1408-13XBNE$219.95
0610-0372CBLE KT BK15-1708-13XBNE$219.95
0610-0373CBLE KT BK18-2008-13XBNE$219.95
0610-0374CBL LN KT STK 00-06FXST$309.95
0610-0375CBL LN KT BCH 00-06FXST$309.95
0610-0376CBL LN KT MINI 00-06FXST$309.95
0610-0377CBL LN KT 12-14"00-06FXST$309.95
0610-0378CBL LN KT 15-17"00-06FXST$309.95
0610-0379CBL LN KT 18-20"00-06FXST$309.95
0610-0380CABLE KT BK STK 00-06FXST$219.95
0610-0381CABLE KT BK BCH 00-06FXST$219.95
0610-0382CABLE KT BK MINI00-06FXST$219.95
0610-0383CBLE KT BK12-14"00-06FXST$219.95
0610-0384CBLE KT BK15-17"00-06FXST$219.95
0610-0385CBLE KT BK18-20"00-06FXST$219.95
0610-0386CBL LN KT STK 07-10FXST$309.95
0610-0387CBL LN KT BCH 07-10FXST$309.95
0610-0388CBL LN KT MINI 07-10FXST$309.95
0610-0389CBL LN KT 12-14"07-10FXST$309.95
0610-0390CBL LN KT 15-17"07-10FXST$309.95
0610-0391CBL LN KT 18-20"07-10FXST$309.95
0610-0392CABLE KT BK STK 07-10FXST$219.95
0610-0393CABLE KT BK BCH 07-10FXST$219.95
0610-0394CABLE KT BK MINI07-10FXST$219.95
0610-0395CBLE KT BK12-14"07-10FXST$219.95
0610-0396CBLE KT BK15-17"07-10FXST$219.95
0610-0397CBLE KT BK18-20"07-10FXST$219.95
0610-0398CBL LN KT STK 06-14 FXDB$309.95
0610-0399CBL LN KT BCH 06-14 FXDB$309.95
0610-0400CBL LN KT MINI 06-14FXDB$309.95
0610-0401CBL LN KT 12-1406-14FXDB$309.95
0610-0402CBL LN KT 15-1706-14FXDB$309.95
0610-0403CBL LN KT 18-2006-14FXDB$309.95
0610-0404CABLE KT BK STK 06-14FXDB$219.95
0610-0405CABLE KT BK BCH 06-14FXDB$219.95
0610-0406CABLE KT BK MINI06-14FXDB$219.95
0610-0407CBLE KT BK12-1406-14FXDB$219.95
0610-0408CBLE KT BK15-1706-14FXDB$219.95
0610-0409CBLE KT BK18-2006-14FXDB$219.95
0610-0410CBL LN KT STK 06-08FXDWG$309.95
0610-0411CBL LN KT BCH 06-08FXDWG$309.95
0610-0412CBL LN KT MINI 06-08FXDWG$309.95
0610-0413CBL LN KT12-14"06-08FXDWG$309.95
0610-0414CBL LN KT15-17"06-08FXDWG$309.95
0610-0415CBL LN KT18-20"06-08FXDWG$309.95
0610-0416CBLE KT BK STK 06-08FXDWG$219.95
0610-0417CBLE KT BK BCH 06-08FXDWG$219.95
0610-0418CBLE KT BK MINI06-08FXDWG$219.95
0610-0419CBLE KT BK12-14"06-08 DWG$219.95
0610-0420CBLE KT BK15-17"06-08 DWG$219.95
0610-0421CBLE KT BK18-20"06-08 DWG$219.95
0610-0422CBL LN KT MINI 07-13 XL$309.95
0610-0423CBL LN KT 12-14 07-13 XL$309.95
0610-0424CBL LN KT 15-17 07-13 XL$309.95
0610-0425CBL LN KT 18-20 07-13 XL$309.95
0610-0426CBL LN KT BK MINI07-13 XL$219.95
0610-0427CBL LN KT BK12-1407-13XL$219.95
0610-0428CBL LN KT BK15-1707-13XL$219.95
0610-0429CBL LN KT BK18-2007-13XL$219.95
0610-0430CBL LN KT MINI 04-06 XL$309.95
0610-0431CBL LN KT12-14"04-06 XL$309.95
0610-0432CBL LN KT15-17"04-06 XL$309.95
0610-0433CBL LN KT18-20"04-06 XL$309.95
0610-0434CBL LN KT BK MINI 04-06XL$219.95
0610-0435CBL LN KT BK12-14"04-06XL$219.95
0610-0436CBL LN KT BK15-17"04-06XL$219.95
0610-0437CBL LN KT BK18-20"04-06XL$219.95
0610-0438CBL LN KT MINI 99-03 XL$309.95
0610-0439CBL LN KT12-14"99-03 XL$309.95
0610-0440CBL LN KT15-17"99-03 XL$309.95
0610-0441CBL LN KT18-20"99-03 XL$309.95
0610-0442CBL LN KT BK MINI 99-03XL$219.95
0610-0443CBL LN KT BK12-14"99-03XL$219.95
0610-0444CBL LN KT BK15-17"99-03XL$219.95
0610-0445CBL LN KT BK18-20"99-03XL$219.95
0610-0446Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Black Vinyl/Stainless OEM Handlebars$234.95
0610-0447Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Black Vinyl/Stainless Beach Bars$234.95
0610-0448Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Black Vinyl/Stainless Mini Apes$234.95
0610-0449Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Black Vinyl/Stainless 12"-14" Ape Hangers$234.95
0610-0450Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Black Vinyl/Stainless 15"-17" Ape Hangers$234.95
0610-0451Handlebar Cable And Brake Line Kit Black Vinyl/Stainless 18"-20" Ape Hangers$234.95
0610-0452CBL LN KT BK STK96-07FLHR$349.95
0610-0453CBL LN KT BK BCH96-07FLHR$349.95
0610-0454CABLE KT BK MINI96-07FLHR$349.95
0610-0455CBLE KT BK12-14"96-07FLHR$349.95
0610-0456CBLE KT BK15-17"96-07FLHR$349.95
0610-0457CBLE KT BK18-20"96-07FLHR$349.95
0610-0458CBL LN KT BK STK96-07FLHT$349.95
0610-0459CBL LN KT BK BCH96-07FLHT$349.95
0610-0460CABLE KT BK MINI96-07FLHT$349.95
0610-0461CBLE KT BK12-14"96-07FLHT$349.95
0610-0462CBLE KT BK15-17"96-07FLHT$349.95
0610-0463CBLE KT BK18-20"96-07FLHT$349.95
0610-0559CABLE KIT STK FLTR ABS$309.95
0610-0560CABLE KIT BEACH FLTR ABS$309.95
0610-0561CABLE KIT MINI FLTR ABS$309.95
0610-0562CABLE KIT 12"-14"FLTR ABS$309.95
0610-0563CABLE KIT 15-17 FLTR ABS$309.95
0610-0564CABLE KIT 18-20 FLTR ABS$309.95
0610-0565CABLE KIT BK STK FLTR ABS$289.95
0610-0566CABLE KIT BK BCH FLTR ABS$289.95
0610-0567CABLE KT BK MINI FLTR ABS$289.95
0610-0568CABLE KT BK12-14 FLTR ABS$289.95
0610-0569CABLE KT BK15-17 FLTR ABS$289.95
0610-0570CABLE KT BK18-20 FLTR ABS$289.95
0610-0571CABLE KT STK FLHT ABS$309.95
0610-0572CABLE KT BEACH FLHT ABS$309.95
0610-0573CABLE KT MINI FLHT ABS$309.95
0610-0574CABLE KT 12"-14" FLHT ABS$309.95
0610-0575CABLE KT 15-17 FLHT ABS$309.95
0610-0576CABLE KT 18-20 FLHT ABS$309.95
0610-0577CABLE KT BK STK FLHT ABS$289.95
0610-0578CABLE KT BK BCH FLHT ABS$289.95
0610-0579CABLE KT BK MINI FLHT ABS$289.95
0610-0580CABLE KT BK12-14"FLHT ABS$289.95
0610-0581CABLE KT BK15-17 FLHT ABS$289.95
0610-0582CABLE KT BK18-20 FLHT ABS$289.95
0610-0636CABLE KIT BK STK FXS ABS$349.95
0610-0637CABLE KIT BK BCH FXS ABS$349.95
0610-0638CABLE KIT BK MINI FXS ABS$349.95
0610-0639CABLE KIT BK12-14 FXS ABS$349.95
0610-0640CABLE KIT BK15-17 FXS ABS$349.95
0610-0641CABLE KIT BK18-20 FXS ABS$349.95
0610-0642CABLE KIT SS STK FXS ABS$429.95
0610-0643CABLE KIT SS BCH FXS ABS$429.95
0610-0644CABLE KIT SS MINI FXS ABS$429.95
0610-0645CABLE KIT SS12-14 FXS ABS$429.95
0610-0646CABLE KIT SS15-17 FXS ABS$429.95
0610-0647CABLE KIT SS18-20 FXS ABS$429.95
0610-0648CABLE KIT SS12-14 FLD/DWG$309.95
0610-0649CABLE KIT SS15-17 FLD/DWG$309.95
0610-0650CABLE KIT SS18-20 FLD/DWG$309.95
0610-0651CABLE KIT BK12-14 FLD/DWG$219.95
0610-0652CABLE KIT BK15-17 FLD/DWG$219.95
0610-0653CABLE KIT BK18-20 FLD/DWG$219.95