• Available in polished, chrome, Contrast Cut™ and Black Ops™ finishes
  • Black Ops is a gloss black finish on top of a contrasting textured black finish for outstanding toughness and design
  • Include mounting bracket, brake pads, bleeder screw and 3/8"-24 banjo bolt
  • Four-piston dual-action design for positive stopping power
  • Precision machined from billet aluminum
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Contrast Cut finish starts with a polished caliper that has been black anodized the recut to open the design

NOTE: For replacement brake pads refer to the brake pad pages later in this section.

Classic Caliper Kits

Classic Caliper Kits

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1701-0041FR CHR SING CAL SPR 00-07$539.95
1701-0042FR POL SING CAL SPR 00-07$479.95
1701-00554 PISTON REAR BRK SYS POL$499.95
1701-00564 PISTON REAR BRK SYS CHR$549.95
1701-0101CALIPER,CHR RR 06-07 DYNA$549.95
1701-0115CALIPER CHR R.02-07 FL$599.95
1701-0145CALIPER RR 02-04 VROD CHR$599.95
1701-0146CALIPER RR 07 VROD CHR$599.95
1701-0314CALIPER 4PIS CCRR 08-14FL$599.95
1701-0315CALIPER 4PIS CCRR 08-14FL$599.95
1701-0316CALIPER 4P CCRR 08-14 FXD$549.95
1701-0318CALIPER 4PIS CCRR 00-5FXD$549.95
1701-0320CALIPER 4PIS CCRR 02-6FLH$599.95
1701-0322CALIPER 4PIS CCRR06-14FXD$549.95
1701-0454CALIPER 4PIS BORR 08-14FL$599.95
1701-0455CALIPER 4PIS BORR 08-14FL$599.95
1701-0456CALIPER 4P BORR 08-14 FXD$549.95
1701-0458CALIPER 4PIS BORR 00-5FXD$549.95
1701-0460CALIPER 4PIS BORR 02-6FLH$599.95
1701-0462CALIPER 4PIS BORR06-07FXD$549.95
1701-0479CALIPER 4PIS CCRR 5-13XL$549.95
1701-0480CALIPER 4PIS CHRR 5-13XL$549.95
1701-0484CALIPER 4PIS CCRR 00-4XL$599.95
1701-0485CALIPER 4PIS CHRR 00-4XL$599.95
DS-324603CHR RR CALIPR00-05 S-TAIL$549.95
DS-324606CHR RR CALIPER 00-05 DYNA$549.95
DS-325059FR POL SING CAL SPR 88-99$499.95
DS-325067RR POL CAL 87-99 FXST/FL$499.95
DS-325069RR POL CAL FXR/S/T 86FXWG$499.95
DS-325095R CALPR POL 84-86 S/TAIL$449.95
DS-325102FR CHR SING CAL SPR 88-99$539.95
DS-325109REAR CHR 84-86 FXST/C$499.95
DS-325123RR CHR CAL FXR/S/T 86FXWG$549.95
DS-325124RR CHR CAL 87-99FXST/FLST$549.95
DS-325125RR CHR CAL 91-99 FXDB/C/L$549.95
DS325461RR CH.CALIPER 84-99 FLH$599.95
DS-325799CH RR CALIPER RIGID 11.5"$549.95
Brake Caliper

Brake Caliper

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1701-0482Contast Cut PM Classic Caliper Rear Disc (125 X 4RSPH)$499.95
DS-325051Polished PM Classic Caliper Single Disc (125 X 4R)$399.95
DS-325053Polished PM Classic Caliper Dual Disc (125 X 4R)$799.95
DS-325055Polished PM Classic Caliper Single Disc (125 X 4SL)$399.95
DS-325077Chrome PM Classic Caliper Rear Disc (125 X 4RSPH)$499.95
DS-325100Chrome PM Classic Caliper Single Disc (125 X 4R)$449.95
DS-325101Chrome PM Classic Caliper Dual Disc (125 X 4R)$799.95
DS-325103Chrome PM Classic Caliper Single Disc (125 X 4SL)$449.95
DS-325104Chrome PM Classic Caliper Dual Disc (125 X 4SL)$899.95
DS-325108Polished PM Classic Caliper Rear Disc (125 X 4RSPH)$499.95
DS-325768CH RR CALIPER RIGID 10"$549.95
Brake Caliper Kit

Brake Caliper Kit

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS-325767POL RR CALIPER RIGID 10"$499.95
DS-325798POL RR CALIPR RIGID 11.5"$499.95