• The industry’s best braid and available in three color choices to complement your bike
  • Sterling Chromite® II uses patented technology to look like chrome
  • Black Pearl has a true black wire braid with black-chrome fittings
  • Polished Stainless braid is brighter than standard stainless
  • Braid color and weave matches on all Magnum control cables and brake lines
  • Coated with a non-yellowing, crystal clear FEP fluoropolymer outer jacket for exceptional protection against scuffing paint or chrome
  • Low effort, high efficiency cable design meets or exceeds all OE specifications for fitment, construction, and endurance
  • All fittings are polished and chrome or black-chrome plated
  • Attractive adjuster with integrated water-resistant seals does not require a boot
  • Rubber seal in transmission fitting eliminates fluid leaks
  • All cables are made with anti-friction inner liners, nylon adjuster inserts, and are factory lubricated for smooth, consistent, long lasting operation
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: Check torque spec on transmission fitting when installing.

NOTE: Late style cables are measured with the adjuster completely collapsed.

Braided High Efficiency Clutch Cables

Braided High Efficiency Clutch Cables

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0652-1613Sterling Chromite® II High-Efficiency Clutch Cable 74 11/16"$82.95
0652-1614Sterling Chromite® II High-Efficiency Clutch Cable 76 11/16"$82.95
0652-1615Sterling Chromite® II High-Efficiency Clutch Cable 78 11/16"$82.95
0652-1616Black Pearl High-Efficiency Clutch Cable 74 11/16"$82.95
0652-1617Black Pearl High-Efficiency Clutch Cable 76 11/16"$82.95
0652-1618Black Pearl High-Efficiency Clutch Cable 78 11/16"$82.95
0652-1619Polished Stainless High-Efficiency Clutch Cable 74 11/16"$77.95
0652-1620Polished Stainless High-Efficiency Clutch Cable 76 11/16"$77.95
0652-1621Polished Stainless High-Efficiency Clutch Cable 78 11/16"$77.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0652-1005CABLE CL SC2HE38607-87A+3$82.95
0652-1006CABLE CL SC2HE 38607-87A$82.95
0652-1008CABLE CL SC2HE 39619-68C$65.95
0652-1009CABLE CL SC2HE38619-86A-2$82.95
0652-1010CABLE CL SC2HE38619-86A+2$82.95
0652-1011CABLE CL SC2HE38619-86A+4$82.95
0652-1012CABLE CL SC2HE38619-86A+6$82.95
0652-1013CABLE CL SC2HE 38619-86A$82.95
0652-1014CABLE CL SC2HE3860687A+10$82.95
0652-1015CABLE CL SC2HE38606-87A+2$82.95
0652-1016CABLE CL SC2HE38606-87A+4$82.95
0652-1017CABLE CL SC2HE38606-87A+6$82.95
0652-1018CABLE CL SC2HE38606-87A+8$82.95
0652-1019CABLE CL SC2HE 38606-87A$82.95
0652-1020CABLE CL SC2HE38621-86A-2$82.95
0652-1021CABLE CL SC2HE3862186A+10$82.95
0652-1022CABLE CL SC2HE38621-86A+4$82.95
0652-1023CABLE CL SC2HE38621-86A+6$82.95
0652-1024CABLE CL SC2HE38621-86A+8$82.95
0652-1025CABLE CL SC2HE 38621-86A$82.95
0652-1028CABLE CL SC2HE38599-83A+6$67.95
0652-1029CABLE CL SC2HE 38599-83A$65.95
0652-1030CABLE CL SC2HE36753-87A-2$82.95
0652-1031CABLE CL SC2HE36753-87A+2$82.95
0652-1032CABLE CL SC2HE36753-87A+4$82.95
0652-1033CABLE CL SC2HE36753-87A+6$82.95
0652-1034CABLE CL SC2HE36753-87A$82.95
0652-1035CABLE CL SC2HE36755-87A-2$82.95
0652-1036CABLE CL SC2HE36755-87A+2$82.95
0652-1037CABLE CL SC2HE36755-87A+4$82.95
0652-1038CABLE CL SC2HE 36755-87A$82.95
0652-1039CABLE CL SC2HE38602-92+10$82.95
0652-1040CABLE CL SC2HE38602-92+3$82.95
0652-1041CABLE CL SC2HE38602-92+4$82.95
0652-1042CABLE CL SC2HE38602-92+6$82.95
0652-1043CABLE CL SC2HE38602-92+8$82.95
0652-1044CABLE CL SC2HE 38602-92$82.95
0652-1046CABLE CL SC2HE38601-89-2$82.95
0652-1047CABLE CL SC2HE38601-89+10$82.95
0652-1048CABLE CL SC2HE38601-89+2$82.95
0652-1049CABLE CL SC2HE38601-89+4$82.95
0652-1050CABLE CL SC2HE38601-89+6$82.95
0652-1051CABLE CL SC2HE38601-89+8$82.95
0652-1052CABLE CL SC2HE 38601-89$82.95
0652-1053CABLE CL SC2HE38617-95-2$82.95
0652-1054CABLE CL SC2HE38617-95+6$82.95
0652-1055CABLE CL SC2HE 38617-95$82.95
0652-1056CABLE CL SC2HE38662-00-2$82.95
0652-1057CABLE CL SC2HE38662-00+10$82.95
0652-1058CABLE CL SC2HE38662-00+2$82.95
0652-1059CABLE CL SC2HE38662-00+4$82.95
0652-1060CABLE CL SC2HE38662-00+6$82.95
0652-1061CABLE CL SC2HE38662-00+8$82.95
0652-1062CABLE CL SC2HE 38662-00$82.95
0652-1063CABLE CL SC2HE38666-00+3$82.95
0652-1064CABLE CL SC2HE38666-00+6$82.95
0652-1065CABLE CL SC2HE 38666-00$82.95
0652-1066CABLE CL SC2HE 38665-00-2$82.95
0652-1067CABLE CL SC2HE 38665-00+2$82.95
0652-1068CABLE CL SC2HE 38665-00+4$82.95
0652-1069CABLE CL SC2HE 38665-00+6$82.95
0652-1070CABLE CL SC2HE 38665-00$82.95
0652-1071CABLE CL SC2HE38699-04-2$82.95
0652-1072CABLE CL SC2HE38699-04+10$82.95
0652-1073CABLE CL SC2HE38699-04+2$82.95
0652-1074CABLE CL SC2HE38699-04+4$82.95
0652-1075CABLE CL SC2HE38699-04+6$82.95
0652-1076CABLE CL SC2HE38699-04+8$82.95
0652-1077CABLE CL SC2HE 38699-04$82.95
0652-1078CABLE CL SC2HE38702-05A-2$82.95
0652-1079CABLE CL SC2HE38702-05A+2$82.95
0652-1080CABLE CL SC2HE38702-05A+4$82.95
0652-1081CABLE CL SC2HE38702-05A+6$82.95
0652-1082CABLE CL SC2HE 38702-05A$82.95
0652-1083CABLE CL SC2HE 38789-06A$82.95
0652-1084CABLE CL SC2 HE 71 11/16$82.95
0652-1085CABLE CL SC2 HE 73 11/16$82.95
0652-1086CABLE CL SC2 HE 75 11/16$82.95
0652-1087CABLE CL SC2 HE 77 11/16$82.95
0652-1088CABLE CL SC2 HE 61 11/16$82.95
0652-1089CABLE CL SC2 HE 63 11/16$82.95
0652-1090CABLE CL SC2HE 38787-06A$82.95
0652-1091CABLE CL SC2HE 38788-06A$82.95
0652-1092CABLE CL SC2HE38667-07-2$82.95
0652-1093CABLE CL SC2HE38667-07+10$82.95
0652-1094CABLE CL SC2HE38667-07+2$82.95
0652-1095CABLE CL SC2HE38667-07+4$82.95
0652-1096CABLE CL SC2HE38667-07+6$82.95
0652-1097CABLE CL SC2HE38667-07+8$82.95
0652-1098CABLE CL SC2HE 38667-07$82.95
0652-1099CABLE CL SC2 HE 66 11/16$82.95
0652-1100CABLE CL SC2 HE 68 11/16$82.95
0652-1101CABLE CL SC2 HE 70 11/16$82.95
0652-1102CABLE CL SC2 HE 72 11/16$82.95
0652-1103CABLE CL SC2 HE 74 11/16$82.95
0652-1104CABLE CL SC2HE 38665-07$82.95
0652-1105CABLE CL SC2HE 60 11/16"$82.95
0652-1106CABLE CL SC2HE 38664-07$82.95
0652-1107CABLE CL SC2HE 38666-07$82.95
0652-1108CABLE CL SC2 HE 56 11/16$82.95
0652-1109CABLE CL SC2HE38667-08-2$82.95
0652-1110CABLE CL SC2HE38667-08+10$82.95
0652-1111CABLE CL SC2HE38667-08+2$82.95
0652-1112CABLE CL SC2HE38667-08+4$82.95
0652-1113CABLE CL SC2HE38667-08+6$82.95
0652-1114CABLE CL SC2HE38667-08+8$82.95
0652-1115CABLE CL SC2HE 38667-08$82.95
0652-1116CABLE CL BP HE 38607-87A$82.95
0652-1117CABLE CL BP HE 38619-86A$82.95
0652-1118CABLE CL BP HE38602-92+10$82.95
0652-1119CABLE CL BP HE38602-92+4$82.95
0652-1120CABLE CL BP HE38602-92+6$82.95
0652-1121CABLE CL BP HE38602-92+8$82.95
0652-1122CABLE CL BP HE 38602-92$82.95
0652-1123CABLE CL BP HE38601-89+10$82.95
0652-1124CABLE CL BP HE38601-89+2$82.95
0652-1125CABLE CL BP HE38601-89+4$82.95
0652-1126CABLE CL BP HE38601-89+6$82.95
0652-1127CABLE CL BP HE38601-89+8$82.95
0652-1128CABLE CL BP HE 38601-89$82.95
0652-1129CABLE CL BP HE38617-95+6$82.95
0652-1130CABLE CL BP HE 38617-95$82.95
0652-1131CABLE CL BP HE 38662-00$82.95
0652-1132CABLE CL BP HE38666-00+6$82.95
0652-1133CABLE CL BP HE 38666-00$82.95
0652-1134CABLE CL BP HE 38699-04$82.95
0652-1135CABLE CL BP HE 38702-05A$82.95
0652-1136CABLE CL BP HE 38789-06A$82.95
0652-1137CABLE CL BP HE 71 11/16"$82.95
0652-1138CABLE CL BP HE 73 11/16"$82.95
0652-1139CABLE CL BP HE 75 11/16"$82.95
0652-1140CABLE CL BP HE 77 11/16"$82.95
0652-1141CABLE CL BP HE 61 11/16"$82.95
0652-1142CABLE CL BP HE 63 11/16"$82.95
0652-1143CABLE CL BP HE 38787-06A$82.95
0652-1144CABLE CL BP HE 38788-06A$82.95
0652-1145CABLE CL BP HE 59 11/16"$82.95
0652-1146CABLE CL BP HE38667-07+10$82.95
0652-1147CABLE CL BP HE38667-07+2$82.95
0652-1148CABLE CL BP HE38667-07+4$82.95
0652-1149CABLE CL BP HE38667-07+6$82.95
0652-1150CABLE CL BP HE38667-07+8$82.95
0652-1151CABLE CL BP HE 38667-07$82.95
0652-1152CABLE CL BP HE 66 11/16"$82.95
0652-1153CABLE CL BP HE 68 11/16"$82.95
0652-1154CABLE CL BP HE 70 11/16"$82.95
0652-1155CABLE CL BP HE 72 11/16"$82.95
0652-1156CABLE CL BP HE 74 11/16"$82.95
0652-1157CABLE CL BP HE 38665-07$82.95
0652-1158CABLE CL BP HE 60 LL/16"$82.95
0652-1159CABLE CL BP HE 38664-07$82.95
0652-1160CABLE CL BP HE 38666-07$82.95
0652-1161CABLE CL BP HE38667-08-2$82.95
0652-1162CABLE CL BP HE38667-08+10$82.95
0652-1163CABLE CL BP HE38667-08+2$82.95
0652-1164CABLE CL BP HE38667-08+4$82.95
0652-1165CABLE CL BP HE38667-08+6$82.95
0652-1166CABLE CL BP HE38667-08+8$82.95
0652-1167CABLE CL BP HE 38667-08$82.95
0652-1168CABLE CL POLHE 38607-87A$77.95
0652-1169CABLE CL POLHE 38619-86A$77.95
0652-1170CABLE CL POLHE38602-92+10$77.95
0652-1171CABLE CL POLHE38602-92+4$77.95
0652-1172CABLE CL POLHE38602-92+6$77.95
0652-1173CABLE CL POLHE38602-92+8$77.95
0652-1174CABLE CL POLHE 38602-92$77.95
0652-1175CABLE CL POLHE38601-89+10$77.95
0652-1176CABLE CL POLHE38601-89+2$77.95
0652-1177CABLE CL POLHE38601-89+4$77.95
0652-1178CABLE CL POLHE38601-89+6$77.95
0652-1179CABLE CL POLHE38601-89+8$77.95
0652-1180CABLE CL POLHE 38601-89$77.95
0652-1181CABLE CL POLHE38617-95+6$77.95
0652-1182CABLE CL POLHE 38617-95$77.95
0652-1183CABLE CL POLHE 38662-00$77.95
0652-1184CABLE CL POLHE38666-00+6$77.95
0652-1185CABLE CL POLHE 38666-00$77.95
0652-1186CABLE CL POLHE 38699-04$77.95
0652-1187CABLE CL POLHE 38702-05A$77.95
0652-1188CABLE CL POLHE 38789-06A$77.95
0652-1189CABLE CL POL HE 71 11/16$77.95
0652-1190CABLE CL POL HE 73 11/16$77.95
0652-1191CABLE CL POL HE 75 11/16$77.95
0652-1192CABLE CL POL HE 77 11/16$77.95
0652-1193CABLE CL POL HE 61 11/16$77.95
0652-1194CABLE CL POL HE 63 11/16$77.95
0652-1195CABLE CL POLHE 38787-06A$77.95
0652-1196CABLE CL POLHE 38788-06A$77.95
0652-1197CABLE CL POL HE 59 11/16$77.95
0652-1198CABLE CL POLHE38667-07+10$77.95
0652-1199CABLE CL POLHE38667-07+2$77.95
0652-1200CABLE CL POLHE38667-07+4$77.95
0652-1201CABLE CL POLHE38667-07+6$77.95
0652-1202CABLE CL POLHE38667-07+8$77.95
0652-1203CABLE CL POLHE 38667-07$77.95
0652-1204CABLE CL POL HE 66 11/16$77.95
0652-1205CABLE CL POL HE 68 11/16$77.95
0652-1206CABLE CL POL HE 70 11/16$77.95
0652-1207CABLE CL POL HE 72 11/16$77.95
0652-1208CABLE CL POL HE 74 11/16$77.95
0652-1209CABLE CL POLHE 38665-07$77.95
0652-1210CABLE CL POL HE 60 11/16$77.95
0652-1211CABLE CL POLHE 38664-07$77.95
0652-1212CABLE CL POLHE 38666-07$77.95
0652-1213CABLE CL POLHE38667-08-2$77.95
0652-1214CABLE CL POLHE38667-08+10$77.95
0652-1215CABLE CL POLHE38667-08+2$77.95
0652-1216CABLE CL POLHE38667-08+4$77.95
0652-1217CABLE CL POLHE38667-08+6$77.95
0652-1218CABLE CL POLHE38667-08+8$77.95
0652-1219CABLE CL POLHE 38667-08$77.95
0652-1262CABLE CL SC2 HE 59 11/16$82.95
0652-1317CABLE CL CM2 HE 76 1/2"$82.95
0652-1318CABLE CL BLK HE 76 1/2"$82.95
0652-1319CABLE CL POL HE 76 1/2"$77.95