• Choice of platinum, clear-coated or ebony series stainless braided hoses
  • Stainless steel braid is superior in pressure rating, flame resistance and volumetric expansion to all other materials, including Kevlar®, resulting in unmatched stopping power
  • All feature PTFE inner liners and mild steel fittings with a 96-hour salt spray rating
  • PVC hose coating adds great looks, abrasion protection to expensive parts and resistance to damaging UV rays
  • PTFE liner is an inert material, compatible with all hydraulic and brake fluids and has a heat range of -158°F to 500°F
  • Platinum lines feature a copper-woven coating, with a protective PTFE cover and beautifully chromed fittings
  • Clear-coated lines feature PVC coating and beautifully chromed fittings
  • Ebony lines feature PVC coating and matte-black zinc-plated fittings

NOTE: Recommended to be used with Goodridge fittings.


Brake Line

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
11309-EEbony Universal Brake Line$23.95
11311-EEbony Universal Brake Line$23.95
11312-EEbony Universal Brake Line$24.95
11314-EEbony Universal Brake Line$25.95
11315-EEbony Universal Brake Line$26.95
11316-EEbony Universal Brake Line$26.95
11317-EEbony Universal Brake Line$27.95
11318-EEbony Universal Brake Line$27.95
11319-EEbony Universal Brake Line$28.95
11321-EEbony Universal Brake Line$30.95
11323-EEbony Universal Brake Line$30.95
11324-EEbony Universal Brake Line$30.95
11326-EEbony Universal Brake Line$31.95
11328-EEbony Universal Brake Line$32.95
11330-EEbony Universal Brake Line$33.95
11332-EEbony Universal Brake Line$34.95
11334-EEbony Universal Brake Line$35.95
11338-EEbony Universal Brake Line$37.95
11340-EEbony Universal Brake Line$38.95
11342-EEbony Universal Brake Line$39.95
11346-EEbony Universal Brake Line$42.95
11347-EEbony Universal Brake Line$42.95
11350-EEbony Universal Brake Line$44.95
11352-EEbony Universal Brake Line$45.95
11354-EEbony Universal Brake Line$46.95
1741-0040Stainless Universal Brake Line$22.95
1741-0041Stainless Universal Brake Line$23.95
1741-0042Stainless Universal Brake Line$23.95
1741-0043Stainless Universal Brake Line$24.95
1741-0044Stainless Universal Brake Line$25.95
1741-0045Stainless Universal Brake Line$25.95
1741-0046Stainless Universal Brake Line$26.95
1741-0047Stainless Universal Brake Line$27.95
1741-0048Stainless Universal Brake Line$27.95
1741-0049Stainless Universal Brake Line$28.95
1741-0050Stainless Universal Brake Line$29.95
1741-0051Stainless Universal Brake Line$30.95
1741-0052Stainless Universal Brake Line$31.95
1741-0053Stainless Universal Brake Line$32.95
1741-0054Stainless Universal Brake Line$33.95
1741-0055Stainless Universal Brake Line$34.95
1741-0056Stainless Universal Brake Line$36.95
1741-0057Stainless Universal Brake Line$38.95
1741-0058Stainless Universal Brake Line$39.95
1741-0059Stainless Universal Brake Line$40.95
1741-0060Stainless Universal Brake Line$43.95
1741-0061Stainless Universal Brake Line$44.95
1741-0062Stainless Universal Brake Line$45.95
1741-0063Stainless Universal Brake Line$47.95
1741-0064Stainless Universal Brake Line$48.95
1741-0212Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$29.95
1741-0213Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$30.95
1741-0214Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$31.95
1741-0215Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$31.95
1741-0216Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$32.95
1741-0217Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$33.95
1741-0218Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$33.95
1741-0219Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$34.95
1741-0220Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$35.95
1741-0221Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$36.95
1741-0223Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$37.95
1741-0224Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$37.95
1741-0226Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$39.95
1741-0227Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$40.95
1741-0228Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$42.95
1741-0229Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$43.95
1741-0231Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$46.95
1741-0232Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$46.95
1741-0233Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$48.95
1741-0235Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$48.95
1741-0237Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$52.95
1741-0238Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$52.95
1741-0239Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$53.95
1741-0240Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$55.95
1741-0241Platinum Universal Braided Brake Line$57.95
1741-0242Stainless Universal Brake Line$20.95
1741-1408Stainless Universal Brake Line$47.95
1741-1409Stainless Universal Brake Line$48.95
1741-1410Stainless Universal Brake Line$49.95
1741-1411Stainless Universal Brake Line$49.95
1741-1413Stainless Universal Brake Line$49.95
1741-1414Stainless Universal Brake Line$50.95
1741-1415Stainless Universal Brake Line$51.95
1741-1416Stainless Universal Brake Line$52.95
1741-1417Stainless Universal Brake Line$54.95
1741-1418Stainless Universal Brake Line$55.95