• Floating rotors have polished stainless steel or black chrome center hubs
  • Fit standard five-bolt flanges
  • All measure approximately 11.5" in diameter
  • Available in wide band or narrow band
  • Wide band style is for use with OEM-style calipers
  • Narrow band is for use with smaller aftermarket calipers
  • Narrow-band brake pad swept area is 1.5" wide
  • Front rotors are 0.2" thick; rear rotors are 0.24" thick
  • Sold each
Custom Stainless Steel Rotors

Custom Stainless Steel Rotors

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1710-2238BRAKE ROTOR EBC FSD003BLK$218.95
1710-2239BRAKE ROTOR EBC FSD004BLK$218.95
1710-2240BRAKEROTOR EBC FSD005CBLK$218.95
1710-2241BRAKEROTOR EBC FSD006CBLK$218.95
1710-2242BRAKE ROTOR EBC FSD009BLK$218.95
1710-2243BRAKE ROTOR EBC FSD010BLK$218.95
1710-2244BRAKEROTOR EBC FSD011CBLK$218.95
1710-2245BRAKEROTOR EBC FSD012CBLK$255.95
1710-2246BRAKEROTOR EBC RSD013CBLK$237.95
1710-2247BRAKEROTOR EBC RSD014CBLK$237.95
1710-2248BRAKE ROTOR EBC RSD015BLK$237.95
1710-2249BRAKE ROTOR EBC RSD016BLK$237.95
1710-2250BRAKEROTOR EBC RSD017CBLK$237.95
1710-2251BRAKEROTOR EBC RSD018CBLK$237.95
1710-2252BRAKE ROTOR EBC RSD019BLK$237.95
1710-2253BRAKE ROTOR EBC RSD020BLK$237.95
Brake Rotor

Brake Rotor

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1710-0138ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD001$104.95
1710-0139ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD002$104.95
1710-0140ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD003$187.95
1710-0141ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD004$187.95
1710-0142ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD005$187.95
1710-0143ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD006$187.95
1710-0144ROTOR EBC H/D RR RSD013$207.95
1710-0145ROTOR EBC H/D RR RSD014$207.95
1710-0146ROTOR EBC H/D RR RSD015$207.95
1710-0147ROTOR EBC H/D RR RSD016$207.95
1710-0148ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD007$104.95
1710-0149ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD008$104.95
1710-0150ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD009$187.95
1710-0151ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD010$187.95
1710-0152ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD011$187.95
1710-0153ROTOR EBC H/D FRT FSD012$224.95
1710-0154ROTOR EBC H/D RR RSD017$207.95
1710-0155ROTOR EBC H/D RR RSD018$207.95
1710-0156ROTOR EBC H/D RR RSD019$207.95
1710-0157ROTOR EBC H/D RR RSD020$207.95