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  • Exact replacement for OEM dipstick
  • Three styles available
  • Includes the swiveling dipstick
  • Chrome plated with skull, flame or clean "peaked" design caps
Custom Oil Dipstick

Custom Oil Dipstick

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0710-0099DIPSTICK OIL SKL 00-14ST$42.95
0710-0106DIPSTICK OIL SKL 00-06FL$42.95
0710-0108DIPSTICK OIL SKL 07-14FL$42.95
0710-0115Custom Oil Dipstick$42.95
0710-0120Custom Oil Dipstick$39.95
0710-0121Custom Oil Dipstick$39.95
Oil Dipstick

Oil Dipstick

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0710-0144DIPSTICK SKL CHR 84-99ST$45.95
0710-0145DIPSTICK FLM CHR 84-99ST$0.00
0710-0146Custom Oil Dipstick$45.95
0710-0148DIPSTICK OIL SKL 99-05FXD$42.95
0710-0149DIPSTICK OIL FLM 99-05FXD$0.00
0710-0150Custom Oil Dipstick$39.95
0710-0151DIPSTICK OIL SKL 06-14FXD$45.95
0710-0152DIPSTICK OIL FLM 06-13FXD$0.00
0710-0153Custom Oil Dipstick$42.95