• Designed to fit a wide variety of models
  • Sold in pairs
  • Lengths given for OEM replacements may not be the exact OEM length
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Show Chrome Fork Tubes

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0404-0033Show Chrome 49mm Fork Tubes$240.95
0404-0034Show Chrome 49mm Fork Tubes$245.95
0404-0035Show Chrome 49mm Fork Tubes$255.95
0404-0036Show Chrome 49mm Fork Tubes$263.95
0404-0037Show Chrome 49mm Fork Tubes$269.95
0404-0038Show Chrome 49mm Fork Tubes$273.95
DS-220109Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$232.95
DS-220111Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$240.95
DS-220112Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$245.95
DS-220113Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$253.95
DS-220114Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$263.95
DS-220115Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$236.95
DS-220119Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$269.95
DS-220120Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$273.95
DS-220121Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$279.95
DS-220122Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$289.95
DS-220123Show Chrome 39mm Fork Tubes$269.95
DS-220124Show Chrome 39mm Fork Tubes$273.95
DS-220125Show Chrome 39mm Fork Tubes$279.95
DS220126Show Chrome 35mm Fork Tubes$287.95
DS-221425Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$232.95
DS-221426Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$236.95
DS-221427Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$240.95
DS-221428Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$245.95
DS-221429Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$253.95
DS221435Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$263.95
DS221436Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$267.95
DS221437Show Chrome 41mm Fork Tubes$273.95
DS-221470Show Chrome 39mm Fork Tubes$240.95
DS-221471Show Chrome 39mm Fork Tubes$245.95
DS-221472Show Chrome 39mm Fork Tubes$253.95
DS-221473Show Chrome 39mm Fork Tubes$263.95

Fork Tube

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS-221420Show Chrome 35mm Fork Tubes$269.95
DS-221421Show Chrome 35mm Fork Tubes$277.95
DS-221422Show Chrome 35mm Fork Tubes$283.95