• Race-styled stock replacement levers add an aggressive look to your stock OEM master cylinders
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum
  • Lever surface shape designed for a comfortable and smooth feel
  • Laser-engraved RSD logo
  • Regulator style features twist adjuster that easily modifies lever distance from handlebar
  • Avenger Inlay style features a rubber inlay added for grip and comfort
  • Contrast Cut finish starts with a polished lever that has been black anodized, then recut to open the design
  • Black Ops features gloss black on top of contrasting textured black for outstanding durability and good looks
  • Sold as brake/clutch lever sets; also sold individually
Lever Set

Lever Set

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0610-0587LEVER A/IL CH 8-14 FL SET$144.95
0610-0588LEVER A/IL CC 8-14 FL SET$144.95
0610-0589LEVER A/IL BO 8-14 FL SET$179.95
0610-0590LEVER A/IL CH96-14 BT SET$144.95
0610-0591LEVER A/IL CC96-14 BT SET$144.95
0610-0592LEVER A/IL BO96-14 BT SET$179.95
0610-0593LEVER A/IL CH04-13 XL SET$144.95
0610-0594LEVER A/IL CC04-13 XL SET$144.95
0610-0595LEVER A/IL BO04-13 XL SET$179.95
0610-0596LEVER AVGR CH 8-14 FL SET$129.95
0610-0597LEVER AVGR CC 8-14 FL SET$129.95
0610-0598LEVER AVGR BO 8-14 FL SET$164.95
0610-0599LEVER AVGR CH 96-14BT SET$129.95
0610-0600LEVER AVGR CC 96-14BT SET$129.95
0610-0601LEVER AVGR BO 96-14BT SET$164.95
0610-0602LEVER AVGR CH 04-13XL SET$129.95
0610-0603LEVER AVGR CC 04-13XL SET$129.95
0610-0604LEVER AVGR BO 04-13XL SET$164.95
0610-0605LEVER RGLR CH 8-14 FL SET$159.95
0610-0606LEVER RGLR CC 8-14 FL SET$159.95
0610-0607LEVER RGLR BO 8-14 FL SET$194.95
0610-0608LEVER RGLR CH 96-14BT SET$159.95
0610-0609LEVER RGLR CC 96-14BT SET$159.95
0610-0610LEVER RGLR BO 96-14BT SET$194.95
0610-0611LEVER RGLR CH 04-13XL SET$159.95
0610-0612LEVER RGLR CC 04-13XL SET$159.95
0610-0613LEVER RGLR BO 04-13XL SET$194.95
Clutch Lever

Clutch Lever

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0613-0631LEVER A/IL CH 8-14 FL CLH$72.95
0613-0632LEVER A/IL CC 8-14 FL CLH$72.95
0613-0633LEVER A/IL BO 8-14 FL CLH$89.95
0613-0634LEVER A/IL CH96-14 BT CLH$72.95
0613-0635LEVER A/IL CC96-14 BT CLH$72.95
0613-0636LEVER A/IL BO96-14 BT CLH$89.95
0613-0637LEVER A/IL CH04-14 XL CLH$72.95
0613-0638LEVER A/IL CC04-14 XL CLH$72.95
0613-0639LEVER A/IL BO04-14 XL CLH$89.95
0613-0640LEVER AVGR CH 8-14 FL CLH$64.95
0613-0641LEVER AVGR CC 8-14 FL CLH$64.95
0613-0642LEVER AVGR BO 8-14 FL CLH$82.95
0613-0643LEVER AVGR CH 96-14BT CLH$64.95
0613-0644LEVER AVGR CC 96-14BT CLH$64.95
0613-0645LEVER AVGR BO 96-14BT CLH$82.95
0613-0646LEVER AVGR CH 04-13XL CLH$64.95
0613-0647LEVER AVGR CC 04-13XL CLH$64.95
0613-0648LEVER AVGR BO 04-13XL CLH$82.95
0613-0649LEVER RGLR CH 8-14 FL CLH$79.95
0613-0650LEVER RGLR CC 8-14 FL CLH$79.95
0613-0651LEVER RGLR BO 8-14 FL CLH$97.95
0613-0652LEVER RGLR CH 96-14BT CLH$79.95
0613-0653LEVER RGLR CC 96-14BT CLH$79.95
0613-0654LEVER RGLR BO 96-14BT CLH$97.95
0613-0655LEVER RGLR CH 04-13XL CLH$79.95
0613-0656LEVER RGLR CC 04-13XL CLH$79.95
0613-0657LEVER RGLR BO 04-13XL CLH$97.95
Brake Lever

Brake Lever

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0614-0518LEVER A/IL CH 8-14 FL BRK$72.95
0614-0519LEVER A/IL CC 8-14 FL BRK$72.95
0614-0520LEVER A/IL BO 8-14 FL BRK$89.95
0614-0521LEVER A/IL CH96-14 BT BRK$72.95
0614-0522LEVER A/IL CC96-14 BT BRK$72.95
0614-0523LEVER A/IL BO96-14 BT BRK$89.95
0614-0524LEVER A/IL CH04-13 XL BRK$72.95
0614-0525LEVER A/IL CC04-13 XL BRK$72.95
0614-0526LEVER A/IL BO04-13 XL BRK$89.95
0614-0527LEVER AVGR CH 8-14 FL BRK$64.95
0614-0528LEVER AVGR CC 8-14 FL BRK$64.95
0614-0529LEVER AVGR BO 8-14 FL BRK$82.95
0614-0530LEVER AVGR CH 96-14BT BRK$64.95
0614-0531LEVER AVGR CC 96-14BT BRK$64.95
0614-0532LEVER AVGR BO 96-14BT BRK$82.95
0614-0533LEVER AVGR CH 04-13XL BRK$64.95
0614-0534LEVER AVGR CC 04-13XL BRK$64.95
0614-0535LEVER AVGR BO 04-13XL BRK$82.95
0614-0536LEVER RGLR CH 8-14 FL BRK$79.95
0614-0537LEVER RGLR CC 8-14 FL BRK$79.95
0614-0538LEVER RGLR BO 8-14 FL BRK$97.95
0614-0539LEVER RGLR CH 96-14BT BRK$79.95
0614-0540LEVER RGLR CC 96-14BT BRK$79.95
0614-0541LEVER RGLR BO 96-14BT BRK$97.95
0614-0542LEVER RGLR CH 04-13XL BRK$79.95
0614-0543LEVER RGLR CC 04-13XL BRK$79.95
0614-0544LEVER RGLR BO 04-13XL BRK$97.95