• CNC-machined billet aluminum construction
  • Sleek design uses lever pivot for footpeg mount
  • Choose from chrome or black anodized finish
  • Available in stock, +2" and +3" lengths
  • Includes footpegs and brake/shifter pegs
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: For Softail applications, 3" extended kits may require a custom brake line and extended shift linkage.

NOTE: 07-14 Softail applications will require the use of an 00-06 style kickstand assembly.

Forward Control

Forward Control

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1622-0181Round Billet Forward Controls$999.95
1622-0339Round Billet Forward Controls$999.95
1622-0422FWD CNTRL BLACK 09-13 FL$1,049.95
1622-0423FWD CNTRL CHROME 09-13 FL$1,049.95
1622-0428Teardrop Billet Forward Controls$1,099.95
1622-0430Teardrop Billet Forward Controls$1,099.95
1622-0432FWD CRTL CRM 97-07 FL'S$1,049.95
1622-0433FWD CRTL BLK 97-07 FL'S$1,049.95
1622-0434FWD CRTL TERDRPCRM09-13FL$1,049.95
1622-0435FWD CRTL TERDRPBLK09-13FL$1,049.95
1622-0436FWD CRTL TERDRPCRM97-07FL$1,049.95
1622-0437FWD CRTL TERDRPBLK97-07FL$1,049.95
Forward Controls

Forward Controls

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1622-0180Round Billet Forward Controls$999.95
1622-0182Round Billet Forward Controls$999.95
1622-0183Round Billet Forward Controls$999.95
1622-0341Round Billet Forward Controls$999.95
1622-0424Teardrop Billet Forward Controls$1,099.95
1622-0426Teardrop Billet Forward Controls$1,099.95
Forward Controls +2

Forward Controls +2"

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1622-0340Round Billet Forward Controls$999.95
1622-0342Round Billet Forward Controls$999.95
1622-0425Teardrop Billet Forward Controls$1,099.95
1622-0427Teardrop Billet Forward Controls$1,099.95
1622-0429Teardrop Billet Forward Controls$1,099.95
1622-0431Teardrop Billet Forward Controls$1,099.95