• New MVX Series Analog/Digital Bagger Gauges offer two bezel options, four background choices, and seven lighting colors to choose from - the combinations are nearly endless
  • Whether installing a six-gauge set, or building your perfect gauge set from Dakota Digital's optional gauges, you will get all seven gauge readings displayed in the speedometer and tachometer LCD readouts (speed, rpm, volts, fuel, oil pressure, oil temp, and air temp), as well as miles to empty, and performance readouts (0-60 time, and quarter-mile speed and time)
  • Personalize your gauge set by programming the pointer, backlight, and LCD message center colors independently
  • Six-gauge kits include speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel level, and voltmeter
  • Two-gauge kits include speedometer and tachometer (will display other gauge readouts in odometer)
  • Optional fuel level gauges, oil pressure gauges, oil temperature gauges and voltmeter can only be used with MVX six- and two-gauge kits; they will not work alone
  • Seven user-selectable lighting colors available for background, message, and pointer: red, green, blue, teal, magenta, amber or white
  • Four background options to choose from: black/red, black/gray, white/red or white/gray
  • Chrome or black bezels available
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
Replacement Gauge

Replacement Gauge

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
2212-0452GAUGE FUEL BLK/GRY CHR$174.95
2212-0453GAUGE FUEL BLK/GRY BLK$174.95
2212-0454GAUGE FUEL BLK/RED CHR$174.95
2212-0455GAUGE FUEL BLK/RED BLK$174.95
2212-0456GAUGE FUEL WHT/BLK CHR$174.95
2212-0457GAUGE FUEL WHT/BLK BLK$174.95
2212-0458GAUGE FUEL WHT/RED CHR$174.95
2212-0459GAUGE FUEL WHT/RED BLK$174.95
2212-0460GAUGE OIL PRS BLK/GRY CHR$174.95
2212-0461GAUGE OIL PRS BLK/GRY BLK$174.95
2212-0462GAUGE OIL PRS BLK/RED CHR$174.95
2212-0463GAUGE OIL PRS BLK/RED BLK$174.95
2212-0464GAUGE OIL PRS WHT/BLK CHR$174.95
2212-0465GAUGE OIL PRS WHT/BLK BLK$174.95
2212-0466GAUGE OIL PRS WHT/RED CHR$174.95
2212-0467GAUGE OIL PRS WHT/RED BLK$174.95
2212-0468GAUGE OIL TMP BLK/GRY CHR$174.95
2212-0469GAUGE OIL TMP BLK/GRY BLK$174.95
2212-0470GAUGE OIL TMP BLK/RED CHR$174.95
2212-0471GAUGE OIL TMP BLK/RED BLK$174.95
2212-0472GAUGE OIL TMP WHT/RED CHR$174.95
2212-0473GAUGE OIL TMP WHT/BLK BLK$174.95
2212-0474GAUGE OIL TMP WHT/RED CHR$174.95
2212-0475GAUGE OIL TMP WHT/RED BLK$174.95
2212-0476GAUGE VOLT BLK/GRY CHR$174.95
2212-0477GAUGE VOLT BLK/GRY BLK$174.95
2212-0478GAUGE VOLT BLK/RED CHR$174.95
2212-0479GAUGE VOLT BLK/RED BLK$174.95
2212-0480GAUGE VOLT WHT/BLK CHR$174.95
2212-0481GAUGE VOLT WHT/BLK BLK$174.95
2212-0482GAUGE VOLT WHT/RED CHR$174.95
2212-0483GAUGE VOLT WHT/RED BLK$174.95
Six-Gauge Instrumentation Kit

Six-Gauge Instrumentation Kit

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
2212-0436GAUGE 6PK BLK/GRY CHR$1,499.95
2212-0437GAUGE 6PK BLK/GRY BLK$1,499.95
2212-0438GAUGE 6PK BLK/RED CHR$1,499.95
2212-0439GAUGE 6PK BLK/RED BLK$1,499.95
2212-0440GAUGE 6PK WHT/GRAY CHR$1,499.95
2212-0441GAUGE 6PK WHT/GRAY BLK$1,499.95
2212-0442GAUGE 6PK WHT/RED CHR$1,499.95
2212-0443GAUGE 6PK WHT/RED BLK$1,499.95
Two-Gauge Instrumentation Kit

Two-Gauge Instrumentation Kit

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
2212-0444GAUGE 2PK BLK/GRY CHR$849.95
2212-0445GAUGE 2PK BLK/GRY BLK$849.95
2212-0446GAUGE 2PK BLK/RED CHR$849.95
2212-0447GAUGE 2PK BLK/RED BLK$849.95
2212-0448GAUGE 2PK WHT/GRAY CHR$849.95
2212-0449GAUGE 2PK WHT/GRAY BLK$849.95
2212-0450GAUGE 2PK WHT/RED CHR$849.95
2212-0451GAUGE 2PK WHT/RED BLK$849.95