• Available in a variety of designs
  • Chrome-plated or anodized billet aluminum finish
  • Include mounting screws
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Points Cover

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0940-0280Black Joker Racing Points Cover$39.95
0940-0282Points Cover$39.95
0940-0581Chrome Finned Points Cover$39.95
0940-0584Finned Points Cover Chrome 5-Hole$39.95
0940-0586Points Cover Rock And Roll Chrome$39.95
0940-0898Black Finned Joker Racing Points Cover$39.95
0940-0996Finned Points Cover Black 5-Hole$39.95
0940-0997Finned Points Cover Black 2-Hole$39.95
0940-1024Points Cover Flame Black$39.95
0940-1025Points Cover Hot Head Black$39.95
0940-1026Points Cover Joker Black$39.95
0940-1027Points Cover Lucky 7 Black$39.95
0940-1028Points Cover Money To Burn Black$39.95
0940-1029Points Cover Rock And Roll Black$39.95
0940-1030Points Cover Smooth Black$39.95
DS-325917Chrome Flame Points Cover$39.95
DS-325919Chrome Joker Points Cover$39.95
DS-325920Chrome Smooth Points Cover$39.95
DS-325921Flame Points Cover Chrome 5-Hole$39.95
DS-325922Hot Head Points Cover Chrome 5-Hole$39.95
DS-325923Joker Points Cover Chrome 5-Hole$39.95
DS-325924Smooth Points Cover Chrome 5-Hole$39.95
DS373064Chrome Lucky 7 Points Cover$39.95
DS373065Lucky 7 Points Cover Chrome 5-Hole$39.95