• Features quad-pin riveting, tough O-ring seals, and solid bushings and rollers
  • Improved wear resistance and strength
  • Average tensile strength 9,500 lb.
  • Weight saving with high tensile strength
  • Pre-stretched at the factory
  • Rivet style master link included
  • Chrome chain features tough chrome plating on side plates

Drive >> 530

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1222-0255530 Series 102L O-Ring Chain$89.95
1222-0256530 Series 104L O-Ring Chain$90.95
1222-0257530 Series 106L O-Ring Chain$92.95
1222-0258530 Series 110L O-Ring Chain$96.95
1222-0259530 Series 112L O-Ring Chain$97.95
1222-0260530 Series 120L O-Ring Chain$104.95
1222-0261530 Series Chrome 102L O-Ring Chain$96.95
1222-0262530 Series Chrome 104L O-Ring Chain$98.95
1222-0263530 Series Chrome 106L O-Ring Chain$100.95
1222-0264530 Series Chrome 110L O-Ring Chain$104.95
1222-0265530 Series Chrome 112L O-Ring Chain$106.95
1222-0266530 Series Chrome 120L O-Ring Chain$114.95

530 Series O-Ring Chain

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1225-0175530 Series O-Ring Chain Clip-Style Connecting Link$6.95
1225-0176530 Series O-Ring Chain Rivet-Style Connecting Link$6.95
1225-0177530 Series Chrome O-Ring Chain Clip-Style Connecting Link$6.95
1225-0178530 Series Chrome O-Ring Chain Rivert-Style Connecting Link$6.95