• Black Ops™ is a gloss black finish on top of a contrasting textured black finish for outstanding toughness and design
  • Chrome calipers are highly polished then chromeplated
  • Contrast Cut™ finish starts with a polished caliper that has been black anodized, then recut to open the design
  • Designed for 11.5"/11.8" or 13" rotors
  • Dual-disc applications require a left and right caliper
  • Include brake pads, bleeder screw and 3/8"-24 banjo bolt
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Work with OEM-style or Performance Machine rotors

NOTE: Will fit 08-13 FLHT, FLHR, FLT, FLHR, FLHX and 04-13 XL, XLH models, but will require an 11/16" bore master cylinder for dual disc applications and a 9/16" bore master cylinder for single disc applications.

Brake Caliper

Brake Caliper

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1701-0091CALIPER,6-PCHR 11.5LHFRT$499.95
1701-0092CALIPER,6-PCHR 11.5RHFRT$499.95
1701-0093CALIPER,6-PCHR 13"LHFRT$499.95
1701-0094CALIPER,6-PCHR 13"RHFRT$499.95
1701-0095CALIPER,6-PCHR 11.5LHFRT$499.95
1701-0096CALIPER,6-PCHR 11.5RHFRT$499.95
1701-0097CALIPER,6-PCHR 13"LHFRT$499.95
1701-0098CALIPER,6-PCHR 13"RHFRT$499.95
1701-0299CALIPER 6PIS CC LTFT 11.5$499.95
1701-0300CALIPER 6PIS CC RTFT 11.5$499.95
1701-0301CALIPER 6PIS CC LT FT 13$499.95
1701-0302CALIPER 6PIS CC RT FT 13$499.95
1701-0303CALIPER 6PIS CC LTFT 11.5$499.95
1701-0304CALIPER 6PIS CC RTFT 11.5$499.95
1701-0305CALIPER 6PIS CC LT FT 13$499.95
1701-0306CALIPER 6PIS CC RT FT 13$499.95
1701-0463CALIPER 6-PBO 11.5 LFT FR$449.95
1701-0464CALIPER 6-PBO 11.5 RT FR$449.95
1701-0465CALIPER 6-PBO 13 LFT FR$449.95
1701-0466CALIPER 6-PBO 13 RT FR$449.95
1701-0467CALIPER 6-PBO 11.5 LFT FR$499.95
1701-0468CALIPER 6-PBO 11.5 RT FR$499.95
1701-0469CALIPER 6-PBO 13 LFT FR$499.95
1701-0470CALIPER 6-PBO 13 RT FR$499.95
Rebuild Kit

Rebuild Kit

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1702-0053Performance Machine Caliper Rebuild Kit 112-6B Caliper$13.95