• Features differential bore pistons that apply a different force at both the leading edge and the trailing edge of the pads to ensure superior breaking
  • Dual-disc applications require the separate purchase of a left and right front caliper
  • Available in chrome, polished, Contrast Cut™ and Black Ops™ finishes
  • Contrast Cut finish starts with a polished caliper that has been black anodized, then recut to open the design
  • Black Ops is a gloss black finish on top of a contrasting textured black finish for outstanding toughness and design
  • Include brake pads, bleeder screw and 3/8"-24 banjo bolt
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: Calipers listed for 00-03 XL models will fit 04-12 XL models if used with a 9/16" bore master cylinder.


Brake Caliper

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1701-0099Chrome Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0309Contrast Cut™ Differential-Bore Left Front Caliper$449.95
1701-0310Contrast Cut™ Differential-Bore Right Front Caliper$449.95
1701-0311Contrast Cut™ Differential-Bore Left Front Caliper$449.95
1701-0312Contrast Cut™ Differential-Bore Right Front Caliper$449.95
1701-0313Contrast Cut™ Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0317Contrast Cut™ Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0319Contrast Cut™ Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0321Contrast Cut™ Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0379Chrome Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0453Black Ops™ Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0457Black Ops™ Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0459Black Ops™ Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0461Black Ops™ Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
1701-0473Black Ops™ Differential-Bore Left Front Caliper$449.95
1701-0475Black Ops™ Differential-Bore Left Front Caliper$449.95
1701-0476Black Ops™ Differential-Bore Right Front Caliper$449.95
DS324131Polished Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$549.95
DS324132Chrome Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
DS324134Polished Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$549.95
DS324135Chrome Differential-Bore Rear Caliper$599.95
DS-324608Polished Differential-Bore Left Front Caliper$399.95
DS-324609Chrome Differential-Bore Left Front Caliper$449.95
DS-324612Chrome Differential-Bore Right Front Caliper$449.95

Brake Caliper

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS-325987Polished Differential-Bore Left Front Caliper$399.95
DS-325988Chrome Differential-Bore Left Front Caliper$449.95
DS-325990Polished Differential-Bore Right Front Caliper$399.95
DS-325997Chrome Differential-Bore Right Front Caliper$449.95

Cotter Pin

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS-325081Brake Pad Cotter Pin$0.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS-325993Replacement PM Caliper Piston$7.95
DS-325994Replacement PM Caliper Piston$7.95

Rebuild Kit

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS-325995Four-Piston Differential-Bore Caliper Rebuild Kit$12.95

Shim Kit

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS-325083Caliper Mount Shim Kit$4.95