• Top-quality clear-coated stainless steel-braided or black vinyl-coated stainless steel/braided brake lines, banjo bolts, brake line fittings and crush washers provide consistent, reliable performance
  • Lines are available in 9" through 80" lengths
  • Feature chrome-plated AN-3 ends
  • Meet DOT MVSS-106 specifications
  • Banjo bolts and fittings are chrome-plated steel and sold separately
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: 04-13 XL models use metric 10mm x 1.25" and 12mm x 1.50" banjo bolts, washers and fittings. All Big Twin (except 08-13 Dressers) and pre-04 XL models use standard 3/8" and 7/16" banjo bolts, washers and fittings. Fittings and washers listed as 3/8"/10mm can be used in either application.


Brake Line

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1204-2726Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 10" Brake Line$20.95
1204-2727Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 14" Brake Line$21.95
1204-2728Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 16" Brake Line$22.95
1204-2729Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 20" Brake Line$24.95
1204-2730Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 22" Brake Line$24.95
1204-2731Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 24" Brake Line$25.95
1204-2732Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 69" Brake Line$46.95
1204-2733Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 71" Brake Line$47.95
1741-2700Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 9" Brake Line$17.95
1741-2701Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 10" Brake Line$17.95
1741-2702Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 12" Brake Line$18.95
1741-2703Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 14" Brake Line$18.95
1741-2704Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 15" Brake Line$19.95
1741-2705Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 16" Brake Line$19.95
1741-2706Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 17" Brake Line$20.95
1741-2707Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 18" Brake Line$20.95
1741-2708Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 19" Brake Line$20.95
1741-2709Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 20" Brake Line$21.95
1741-2710Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 21" Brake Line$21.95
1741-2711Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 22" Brake Line$22.95
1741-2712Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 23" Brake Line$22.95
1741-2713Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 24" Brake Line$22.95
1741-2714Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 25" Brake Line$23.95
1741-2715Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 26" Brake Line$23.95
1741-2716Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 28" Brake Line$24.95
1741-2717Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 30" Brake Line$25.95
1741-2718Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 32" Brake Line$25.95
1741-2719Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 34" Brake Line$26.95
1741-2720Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 36" Brake Line$27.95
1741-2721Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 38" Brake Line$27.95
1741-2722Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 40" Brake Line$28.95
1741-2723Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 42" Brake Line$29.95
1741-2724Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 43" Brake Line$29.95
1741-2725Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 44" Brake Line$30.95
1741-2726Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 45" Brake Line$31.95
1741-2727Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 46" Brake Line$31.95
1741-2728Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 47" Brake Line$31.95
1741-2729Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 50" Brake Line$32.95
1741-2730Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 52" Brake Line$33.95
1741-2731Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 54" Brake Line$33.95
1741-2732Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 56" Brake Line$34.95
1741-2733Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 58" Brake Line$35.95
1741-2734Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 60" Brake Line$36.95
1741-2735Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 61" Brake Line$37.95
1741-2736Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 62" Brake Line$37.95
1741-2737Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 64" Brake Line$38.95
1741-2738Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 66" Brake Line$39.95
1741-2739Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 68" Brake Line$38.95
1741-2740Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 69" Brake Line$39.95
1741-2741Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 70" Brake Line$39.95
1741-2742Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 71" Brake Line$40.95
1741-2743Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 72" Brake Line$41.95
1741-2744Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 74" Brake Line$41.95
1741-2745Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 76" Brake Line$42.95
1741-2746Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 78" Brake Line$42.95
1741-2747Universal Black Vinyl-Coated Stainless Steel 80" Brake Line$43.95
DS098809Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 9" Brake Line$19.95
DS098812Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 12" Brake Line$20.95
DS098815Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 15" Brake Line$21.95
DS098817Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 17" Brake Line$22.95
DS098818Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 18" Brake Line$23.95
DS098819Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 19" Brake Line$23.95
DS098821Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 21" Brake Line$24.95
DS098823Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 23" Brake Line$25.95
DS098825Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 25" Brake Line$25.95
DS098826Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 26" Brake Line$26.95
DS098828Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 28" Brake Line$27.95
DS098830Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 30" Brake Line$28.95
DS098832Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 32" Brake Line$28.95
DS098834Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 34" Brake Line$29.95
DS098836Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 36" Brake Line$31.95
DS098838Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 38" Brake Line$31.95
DS098840Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 40" Brake Line$32.95
DS098842Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 42" Brake Line$32.95
DS098843Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 43" Brake Line$33.95
DS098844Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 44" Brake Line$34.95
DS098845Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 45" Brake Line$34.95
DS098846Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 46" Brake Line$34.95
DS098847Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 47" Brake Line$35.95
DS098850Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 50" Brake Line$36.95
DS098852Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 52" Brake Line$37.95
DS098854Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 54" Brake Line$37.95
DS098856Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 56" Brake Line$39.95
DS098858Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 58" Brake Line$40.95
DS098860Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 60" Brake Line$41.95
DS098861Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 61" Brake Line$41.95
DS098862Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 62" Brake Line$42.95
DS098864Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 64" Brake Line$43.95
DS098866Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 66" Brake Line$44.95
DS098868Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 68" Brake Line$45.95
DS098870Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 70" Brake Line$46.95
DS098872Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 72" Brake Line$47.95
DS098874Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 74" Brake Line$49.95
DS098876Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 76" Brake Line$50.95
DS098878Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 78" Brake Line$51.95
DS098880Universal Clear-Coated Stainless Steel 80" Brake Line$52.95

Banjo Bolt

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1204-2723Chrome 3/8"-24 Banjo Bolt$5.95
1742-0044Chrome 3/8"-24 Banjo Bolt$8.95
1742-0045Chrome 3/8"/10mm X AN-3 Male 35° Short Banjo Fitting$19.95
1742-0046Chrome 3/8"/10mm X AN-3 Male 90° Short Banjo Fitting$19.95
1742-0047Chrome 3/8"/10mm X AN-3 Male 90° Long Banjo Fitting$19.95
1742-0050Chrome 7/16"-24 Banjo Bolt With Step-Down To 3/8"$5.95
1742-0117Chrome 10mm X 1.25 Double Banjo Bolt$7.95
1742-0118Chrome 10mm X 1.25 Banjo Bolt$6.95
1742-0119Chrome 12mm X 1.50 Banjo Bolt$6.95
1742-0120Universal Chrome 12mm X AN-3 Male Straight Banjo Fitting$9.95
1742-0121Universal Chrome 12mm X AN-3 Male 35° Banjo Fitting$10.95
1742-0122Universal Chrome 12mm X AN-3 Male 90° Banjo Fitting$10.95
1742-0159Chrome 10mm X 1.00 Banjo Bolt With Bleeder$10.95
DS098109Chrome 3/8"-24 Banjo Bolt$5.95
DS098115Chrome 7/16"-24 Banjo Bolt$5.95
DS098117Chrome 3/8"-24 Dual Banjo Bolt$7.95
DS098300Chrome 3/8"/10mm X 1/8" NPT 35° Banjo Fitting$19.95
DS098301Chrome 3/8"/10mm X 1/8" NPT 90° Short Banjo Fitting$19.95
DS098302Chrome 3/8"/10mm X 1/8" NPT 90° Long Banjo Fitting$19.95

Brake Junction

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS098290Chrome 3/8"-24 Inverted Flare Front Brake Junction$24.95
DS098291Chrome 1/8" NPT Front Brake Junction$24.95

Brake Tee

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1204-2724Chrome Rear Brake Tee$30.95
1204-2725Chrome Rear Brake Tee$29.95
1742-0048Chrome AN-3 Wide Glide Front Tee Brake Fitting$48.95
1742-0049Chrome AN-3 Narrow Glide Front Tee Brake Fitting$48.95
1742-0058Chrome Rear Brake Tee$42.95

Crush Washer

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1742-011510mm Crush Washers$0.95
1742-011612mm Crush Washers$0.95
DS0981053/8" Crush Washers$0.95
DS0981067/16" Crush Washers$0.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS098147Chrome 3/8"/10mm X AN-3 Male Straight Banjo Fitting$8.95
DS098150Chrome 3/8"/10mm X AN-3 Male 35° Banjo Fitting$10.95
DS098151Chrome 3/8"/10mm X AN-3 Male 90° Banjo Fitting$10.95
DS098152Chrome 7/16" X AN-3 Male Straight Banjo Fitting$8.95
DS098153Chrome 7/16" X AN-3 Male 35° Banjo Fitting$10.95
DS098154Chrome 7/16" X AN-3 Male 90° Banjo Fitting$10.95
DS098244Chrome AN-3 X 1/8" NPT Straight Brake Fitting$3.95
DS098279Chrome AN-3 X 1/8" NPT 90° Brake Fitting$7.95
DS098281Chrome AN-3 Male X 3/8"-24 Inverted Flare 45° Brake Fitting$11.95
DS098282Chrome AN-3 Male X 3/8"-24 Inverted Flare 90° Short Brake Fitting$11.95
DS098283Chrome AN-3 Male X 3/8"-24 Inverted Flare 90° Long Brake Fitting$12.95
DS098284Chrome AN-3 Male X 3/8"-24 Inverted Flare 150° Brake Fitting$12.95
DS098293Chrome AN-3 X 1/8" NPT 45° Brake Fitting$11.95
DS098298Chrome AN-3 Male Tee Brake Fitting$14.95
DS098380Chrome AN-3 X 3/8"-24 Inverted Flare 90°-120° Brake Fitting$14.95
DS098396Chrome AN-3 X 3/8" Inverted Flare Straight Brake Fitting$5.95
DS098633Chrome AN-3 Union Brake Fitting$7.95

Tee Dome

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
DS098296Chrome 3/8"-24 Dual Disc Tee Brake Fitting$56.95