• Available in original version which is not legal for sale in CA or California A.R.B. approved version with all the same features as the original
  • Throttle position sensor-based system simplifies the process of fuel-injection tuning
  • Enables you to fine-tune the fuel mixture throughout the entire rpm range with the touch of a button
  • Increases power and improves throttle response
  • Very user friendly; plugs into the existing harness on the bike
  • No computer or software is required; simply punch in the values supplied with the Fuelpak
  • Values supplied are for use with Vance & Hines exhaust systems
  • Fuelpak will also work with other exhaust systems (contact V&H tech support for tuning information)
  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware

NOTE: Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles (Original Fuelpak).

NOTE: EO #D-632-1 (C.A.R.B. approved Fuelpak).

NOTE: Requires the use of a high-performance air filter.


Fuel Injection Programmer

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1020-0360Original FuelPak For 49 State Use$289.95
1020-0361Original FuelPak For 49 State Use$289.95
1020-0362Vance & Hines Original FuelPak For 49 State Use$289.95
1020-0538Original FuelPak For 49 State Use$289.95
1020-0568Original FuelPak For 49 State Use$289.95
1020-0750Vance & Hines Original FuelPak For 49 State Use$289.95
1020-0818California A.R.B. FuelPak$289.95
1020-0819California A.R.B. FuelPak$289.95
1020-0820California A.R.B. FuelPak$289.95
1020-0821California A.R.B. FuelPak$289.95
1020-0822California A.R.B. FuelPak$289.95
1020-0823California A.R.B. FuelPak$289.95
1020-1136FUELPAK 10-12 XL$289.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1020-1521FuelPak LCD 49 State$289.95
1020-1694FuelPak LCD 49 State$289.95
1020-1728FuelPak LCD 49 State$289.95