• CNC-machined for an exact match to the Roland Sands Design wheel lineup
  • Precision-shaped tooth profile is designed to fit the belt perfectly
  • Available in Contrast Cut™ or Black Ops™
  • Contrast Cut™ finish starts with a polished pulley that has been black anodized, then recut to open up the design
  • Black Ops™ finish features a machined surface treated through a proprietary military spec process for strength and hardness, then further machined and anodized for a subtle yet striking black-on-black contrast that is scratch, weather and damage resistant; it is the ultimate low-maintenance finish
  • All applications require mounting bolts to be purchased separately
  • Made in the U.S.A. by Performance Machine

NOTE: For matching rotors and wheels, see BRAKES, and TIRE, TUBES & WHEELS sections.

NOTE: 08 FLHT/FLHR/FLHX/FLTR applications will require the removal of the cush-drive for installation.

Forged Aluminum Pulleys

Forged Aluminum Pulleys

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1201-0706PUL MRS 66T 08-11 FLSTF$598.95
1201-0707PUL MRS 66T 07 FXST BO$598.95
1201-0708PUL MRS 20MM 70T 06 ST BO$598.95
1201-0709PUL MRS 70T 00-5 ST BO$598.95
1201-0710PUL MRS 65T 94-9 ST BO$598.95
1201-0711PUL MRS 66T 08 FLT BO$598.95
1201-0712PUL MRS 66T 07 FLT BO$578.95
1201-0713PUL MRS 70T 91-03FLT BO$598.95
1201-0714PUL MRS 70T 04-6 FLT BO$598.95
1201-0715PULLY 66T MRS7-14 BO DYNA$598.95
1201-0716PULY MRS BO 11-14FXS/FLS$578.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1201-0311PULLY DOMCC 66TH 1" 08FL$578.95
1201-0312PULLY JUDGE 66TH 1" 08FL$578.95
1201-0313PULLY DIESL 66TH 1" 08FL$578.95
1201-0602PULY 1.5 65T JUD 84-99BT$578.95
1201-0606PULY 1.125 70T JUD00-05ST$578.95
1201-0607PULLY 20MM 70T JUD 06FXST$578.95
1201-0608PULY 1" 66T JUD 07 FL$578.95
1201-0609PULLY 1 66T JUD07-14 DYNA$578.95
1201-0612PULLY JUD 66TH 1"08FL$578.95
1201-0614PULY 1.5 65T DIE 84-99BT$578.95
1201-0618PULY 1.125 70T DIE00-05ST$578.95
1201-0619PULLY 20MM 70T DIE 06FXST$578.95
1201-0620PULY 1" 66T DIE 07 FL$578.95
1201-0621PULLY 1 66T DIE07-14 DYNA$578.95
1201-0624PULLY DIE 66TH 1"08FL$578.95
1201-0626PULY 66T DOM07-14 DYNA$578.95
1201-0627PULLY 66T JUD07-14 DYNA$578.95
1201-0628PULLY 66T DIE07-14 DYNA$578.95
1201-0629PULLY 66T SLM CC 7-14DYNA$578.95
1201-0630PULLY 66T SLM BO 7-14DYNA$578.95
1201-0631PULLY 66T BOS CC 7-14DYNA$578.95
1201-0632PULLY 66T BOS BO 7-14DYNA$578.95
1201-0655PULY BOS 12-14FXS/FLS CC$578.95
1201-0656PULY 1 BOS 12-13 FXS BO$578.95
1201-0657PULY DIE 12-14FXS/FLS CC$578.95
1201-0658PULY DIE 12-14 FXS/FLS BO$578.95
1201-0659PULY DOM 12-14 FXS/FLS CC$578.95
1201-0660PULY JUD 12-14 FXS/FLS CC$578.95
1201-0661PULY JUD 12-14 FXS/FLS BO$578.95
1201-0662PULY SLM 12-14 FXS/FLS CC$578.95
1201-0663PULY SLM 12-14 FXS/FLS BO$578.95
Rear Belt Pulley

Rear Belt Pulley

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1201-01511.5" 70T JUDG PUL 84-99BT$578.95
1201-01521.125 65T JUDG PUL04-06FL$578.95
1201-01531.125 70T JUDG PUL04-06FL$578.95
1201-01541.125"70T JUDG PUL00-05ST$578.95
1201-015620MM 70T JUDG PUL 06FXST$578.95
1201-01631.5 65T DOMCC PUL 84-99BT$578.95
1201-01641.5 70T DOMCC PUL 84-99BT$578.95
1201-01651.125 65TDOMCC PUL04-06FL$578.95
1201-01661.125 70TDOMCC PUL04-06FL$578.95
1201-01671.125 70T DOMCCPUL00-05ST$578.95
1201-016820MM 70T DOMCC PUL 06ST$578.95
1201-0212PULY 1" 66T DOMCC 07 FLHT$578.95
1201-0214PULY 1" 66T JUDCC 07 FL$578.95
1201-021920MM66T DOMCC PUL07 FXST$578.95
1201-022020MM66T JUDGE PUL07 FXST$578.95
1201-02531.5" 65T DISL PUL 84-99BT$578.95
1201-02541.5" 70T DISL PUL 84-99BT$578.95
1201-02551.125 65T DISL PUL04-06FL$578.95
1201-02561.125 70T DISL PUL04-06FL$578.95
1201-0257PUL 1.125 70T DISL00-05ST$578.95
1201-0260PULLY 20MM 70T DIS 06FXST$578.95
1201-0261PULY 1" 66T DIESLE 07 FL$578.95
1201-0263PULLY 66T DSL 07FXST$578.95
1201-0315PULLY DOMCC 08-11 FLSTF$578.95
1201-0316PULLY JUDGE 08-11 FLSTF$578.95
1201-0317PULLY DIESL 08-11 FLSTF$578.95
1201-0544PUL SLM 66T 08-11 FLSTF$578.95
1201-0545PUL SLM 66T 08-11 FLSTF$578.95
1201-0546PUL SLM 66T 07 FXST BO$578.95
1201-0547PUL SLM 66T 07 FXST CC$578.95
1201-0548PUL SLM 20MM 70T 06 ST BO$578.95
1201-0549PUL SLM 20MM 70T 06 ST CC$578.95
1201-0550PUL SLM 70T 00-5 ST BO$578.95
1201-0551PUL SLM 70T 00-5 ST CC$578.95
1201-0552PUL SLM 65T 94-9 ST BO$578.95
1201-0553PUL SLM 65T 94-9 ST CC$578.95
1201-0554PUL SLM 66T 08 FLT BO$578.95
1201-0555PUL SLM 66T 08 FLT CC$578.95
1201-0556PUL SLM 66T 07 FLT BO$578.95
1201-0557PUL SLM 66T 07 FLT CC$578.95
1201-0558PUL SLM 70T 91-03FLT BO$578.95
1201-0559PUL SLM 70T 91-03FLT CC$578.95
1201-0560PUL SLM 70T 04-6 FLT BO$578.95
1201-0561PUL SLM 70T 04-6 FLT CC$578.95
1201-0562PUL BOS 66T 08-11 FLSTF$578.95
1201-0563PUL BOS 66T 08-11 FLSTF$578.95
1201-0564PUL BOS 66T 07 FXST BO$578.95
1201-0565PUL BOS 66T 07 FXST CC$578.95
1201-0566PUL BOS 20MM 70T 06 ST BO$578.95
1201-0567PUL BOS 20MM 70T 06 ST CC$578.95
1201-0568PUL BOS 70T 00-5 ST BO$578.95
1201-0569PUL BOS 70T 00-5 ST CC$578.95
1201-0570PUL BOS 65T 94-9 ST BO$578.95
1201-0571PUL BOS 65T 94-9 ST CC$578.95
1201-0572PUL BOS 66T 08 FLT BO$578.95
1201-0573PUL BOS 66T 08 FLT CC$578.95
1201-0574PUL BOS 66T 07 FLT BO$578.95
1201-0575PUL BOS 66T 07 FLT CC$578.95
1201-0576PUL BOS 70T 91-03FLT BO$578.95
1201-0577PUL BOS 70T 91-03FLT CC$578.95
1201-0578PUL BOS 70T 04-6 FLT BO$578.95
1201-0579PUL BOS 70T 04-6 FLT CC$578.95
1201-0603PULY 1.5 70T JUD 84-99BT$578.95
1201-0604PULY 1.125 65T JUD04-6FLT$578.95
1201-0605PULY 1.125 70T JUD04-6FLT$578.95
1201-0610PULLY 1 66T JUD07FXST 200$578.95
1201-0613PULL JUD 08-11 FLSTF$578.95
1201-0615PULY 1.5 70T DIE 84-99BT$578.95
1201-0616PULY 1.125 65T DIE04-6FLT$578.95
1201-0617PULY 1.125 70T DIE04-6FLT$578.95
1201-0622PULLY 66T DIE 07FXST 200$578.95
1201-0625PULLY DIE 08-11 FLSTF$578.95
Rear Wheel Pulley

Rear Wheel Pulley

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1201-01501.5" 65T JUDG PUL 84-99BT$578.95