• Manufactured in the U.S.A. exclusively for Drag Specialties
  • Chromed billet pulleys in 65- or 70-tooth configuration
  • Available in three styles: Smooth, Mesh and Klassic
  • Center-hole design hides the wheel-hub seal for a cleaner look (unless noted)
  • Designed to complement the Drag Specialties laced wheel
  • Matching brake rotors available separately

NOTE: For matching rotors see BRAKES section.


Rear Pulley

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1201-0004Chrome Smooth Rear Pulley$333.95
1201-0005Chrome Smooth Rear Pulley$333.95
1201-0006Chrome Mesh Rear Pulley$447.95
1201-0007Chrome Mesh Rear Pulley$447.95
1201-0008Chrome Klassic Rear Pulley$447.95
1201-0009Chrome Mesh Rear Pulley$447.95
1201-0010Chrome Smooth Rear Pulley$333.95
1201-0011Chrome Klassic Rear Pulley$447.95
1201-0012Chrome Mesh Rear Pulley$447.95
1201-0013Chrome Smooth Rear Pulley$333.95
1201-0020Chrome Klassic Rear Pulley$447.95
1201-0021Chrome Klassic Rear Pulley$447.95
1201-0158Chrome Mesh Rear Pulley$447.95
1201-0580Chrome Klassic Rear Pulley$457.95
1201-0581Chrome Mesh Rear Pulley$457.95