• Bullet-style super-bright LED turn signal/marker lights really clean up the look of your bike
  • Each features nine intensely bright LEDs in a cluster module for light output, amazing for its size (roughly 3/4" diameter at the light source)
  • Available in your choice of amber or red LED light color output (amber only for fork mount version)
  • All parts are fully CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Available in your choice of chrome, clear anodized or hard black anodized finishes
  • May be rotated into virtually any upward-and-downward setting
  • Dimensions: a little over 1" diameter, 23/8" long, and stand off the bike 11/2"
  • Sold in pairs
  • Available in three styles
  • Center-Mount Turn Signal Marker Lights can be mounted in almost any 5/16" or 8mm hole; wires feed through a pre-drilled hole in the mounting bolt
  • Side Rail Turn Signal Marker Lights mount using our side rail adapter plate (sold separately) which allows you to remove your stock rear turn signals and replace them with Astros for a narrow look
  • Fork Mount Turn Signal Marker Lights include a trick mating clamp bracket that may be placed in a multitude of positions along the fork leg
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: If being used as a turn signal, a load equalizer is required.

Turn Signal/Marker Light

Turn Signal/Marker Light

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
2020-0441LED ASTRO CNTR AMB BLACK$130.95
2020-0442LED ASTRO CNTR AMB CHROM$140.95
2020-0443LED ASTRO CNTR AMB CLEAR$129.95
2020-0444LED ASTRO CNTR RED BLACK$130.95
2020-0445LED ASTRO CNTR RED CHROM$140.95
2020-0446LED ASTRO CNTR RED CLEAR$129.95
2020-0447LED ASTRO SR AMBER BLACK$130.95
2020-0448LED ASTRO SR AMBER CHROM$140.95
2020-0449LED ASTRO SR AMBER CLEAR$129.95
2020-0450LED ASTRO SR RED BLACK$130.95
2020-0451LED ASTRO SR RED CHROM$140.95
2020-0452LED ASTRO SR RED CLEAR$129.95
2020-0453LED 39MM FORK LITE BLACK$210.95
2020-0454LED 39MM FORK LITE CHROM$220.95
2020-0455LED 39MM FORK LITE CLEAR$209.95
2020-0456LED 41MM FORK LITE BLACK$210.95
2020-0457LED 41MM FORK LITE CHROM$220.95
2020-0458LED 41MM FORK LITE CLEAR$209.95
2020-0494LED 49MM FORK LITE BLACK$210.95
2020-0495LED 49MM FORK LITE CHR$220.95
2020-0496LED 49MM FORK LITE CLR$209.95
Adapter Plate

Adapter Plate

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
2040-0637ADAPTOR PLATE 02-10ST BLK$47.95
2040-0638ADAPTOR PLATE 02-10ST CRM$47.95
2040-0639ADAPTOR PLATE 02-10ST CLR$46.95
2040-0640ADAPTOR PLATE 02-10XL BLK$47.95
2040-0641ADAPTOR PLATE 02-10XL CHR$47.95
2040-0642ADAPTOR PLATE 02-10XL CLR$46.95