• High-strength steel kickstands with a brilliant chrome finish or E-coated primer, powder-coated gloss black
  • Replaces OEM kickstands perfectly
  • Overstock kickstand lengths are for bikes with longer suspension than stock
  • Understock kickstands are for bikes with lowered suspension


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0510-0061Chrome Kickstand--Round$64.95
0510-0062Chrome Kickstand$64.95
0510-0078KICKSTAND 04-13 XL STD L$49.95
0510-0079KICKSTAND 04-13 XL -1$41.95
0510-0179Chrome Stock-Length Kickstand$56.95
0510-0180Chrome Stock-Length Kickstand$67.95
0510-0181Chrome Stock-Length Kickstand$52.95
0510-0208KICKSTAND BLK 04-14XL$49.95
0510-0209KICKSTAND BLK 04-13XL-1$49.95
0510-0214Gloss Black Stock-Length Kickstand$69.95
0510-0215Gloss Black Lowered Kickstand$69.95
0510-0216Gloss Black Stock-Length Kickstand$56.95
DS-240001Chrome Lowered Kickstand$52.95
DS-240003Chrome Stock-Length Kickstand$52.95
DS-240043Chrome Stock-Length Kickstand$52.95
DS-240044Chrome Stock-Length Kickstand$52.95
DS-240045Chrome Kickstand, -1"$81.95
DS-240050Chrome Extended Kickstand$52.95
DS-240054Chrome Kickstand$46.95
DS-240055Chrome Kickstand Stock Length$52.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0510-0192Chrome Lowered Kickstand$69.95
0510-0193Chrome Lowered Kickstand$52.95
0510-0194Chrome Stock-Length Kickstand$52.95
0510-0195Chrome Lowered Kickstand$52.95
0510-0210Gloss Black Stock-Length Kickstand$52.95
0510-0211Gloss Black Lowered Kickstand$52.95
0510-0212Gloss Black Stock-Length Kickstand$52.95
0510-0213Gloss Black Lowered Kickstand$52.95