• PART #2113-0273 16 Cell HD is designed for use in all Harley-Davidson OEM and aftermarket Softail, Dyna, FL and XL chassis with stock or modified engines; replacement/upgrade for a YTX20 or YIX30
  • PART #2113-0261 is designed for FL/Trike applications and is approved for OEM displacement as well as increased displacement and modified engine combinations
  • PART #s 2113-0260 and 2113-0265 are designed ONLY for OEM displacement, UN-MODIFIED, Softail, Dyna and XL applications; for a Softail, Dyna, or XL with ANY modification or increased displacement, please select the 16 Cell HD, PART #2113-0273
  • Well over 3X the life span of lead acid batteries
  • Still has over 80% of its capacity after 2000 full discharge and recharge cycles
  • Will not sulfate or damage itself, regardless of charge level
  • No requirement to trickle charge, even during off-season storage
  • Still has more than 90% of its charge after a year, regardless of storage temperature (Note: Security systems or other accessories that are on will still run-down the battery)
  • Impact, vibration and water resistant
  • Contains no acid or harmful liquids, which allows mounting in any position in OEM or custom applications without the possibility of corrosive leakage
  • Less than 1/3 the weight of an OEM lead acid battery
  • Handles higher temperatures better than a lead acid battery
  • Works just as well in cold weather (Note: Below 40°F/5°C; press starter button for five seconds, wait thirty seconds, and start; may need to repeat one to three times)
  • Compatible with OEM and aftermarket alternators and electrical systems
  • Strongest 3-year warranty in the business backed by a United States company
  • No special charger required but is available for convenience and increased life span (2012 FatBook, Pg. 1402, PART #3807-0104)
  • Designed, developed and assembled in the U.S.A.

NOTE: Battery is smaller than OEM batteries and may require spacers and shims to properly install and secure.