• 0925-0110
Part # Description Sug. Retail Price
0925-0110 High Flow Cam Support Plate Gear Or Chain Drive Cams $349.95


  • Feuling® HIGH FLOW cam plates for T/C® engines increase engine oil flow and volume by enlarging the oil pump reservoirs and critical oil passages, including matching the oil port holes throughout the cam plate to the port holes in the engine case increasing engine oil flow to the lifters, piston cooling jets, crankshaft and rod bearings resulting in 25-35 degree cooler engine temperatures
  • Made from 7075 billet aluminum, which is 50% harder and stronger than the factory, SE® and other aftermarket cam plates; the 7075 increases the strength and hardness of the cam plate, holding tighter tolerances under temperature, eliminating flexing and the need for bronze bushings as 7075 material has excellent bearing-like properties
  • Feuling® cam plates are blueprinted and matched to the Feuling® oil pumps, which allow the Twin Cam® engine to take full advantage of the increased volume from the high-flow oil pumps resulting in cooler and quieter engine operation
  • Tighter cam bearing bore tolerance for improved press fit
  • Cam plates are pressure-tested; pressure relief valve and spring are pre-set and designed for increased volume and pressure, eliminating the need to stretch the spring or use of a shim
  • When matched with the Feuling® Race Series Oil Pump, rear wheel power gains of three Horsepower and 4 ft/lbs of Torque are achieved
  • For use ONLY with the Feuling® oil pumps
  • Bolts into stock location
  • CAM PLATE PART #0920-0006 includes military spec, hard anodized, bearing retainer plate and hardware; use Feuling oil pump PART #s 0932-0018 and 0932-0020
  • CAM PLATE PART #0925-0109 includes military spec, hard anodized, bearing retainer plate, tensioner pins and chain guide tower; use Feuling oil pump PART #s 0932-0018 and 0932-0020
  • CAM PLATE PART #0925-0110 features tighter cam journal bore tolerance for improved cam fitment, added cam journal oil groove for cold start-up protection and increased cam journal lubrication and added oil pressure feed holes to front and back of cam journals to prevent excessive thrusting wear; uses Feuling® oil pump PART #s 0932-0023 and 0932-0026
  • CONVERSION CAM PLATE PART Part # 0925-0440 for T/C® 99-06, except 06 Dyna – has the original style 99–06 Twin Cam® cam bearing bores for use with the press in bearings. This cam plate is designed to use the new style 07–15 Factory hydraulic chain tensioner system with the original 99-06 Twin Cam® style camshafts. Great for those who have already upgraded their early-style engine and like their existing camshafts. Cam plate includes bearing retainer plate and hardware. Requires the purchase of "factory" hydraulic chain drive tensioners. For use ONLY with Feuling® oil pumps PART#s 0932-0023 & 0932-0026
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: For use ONLY with Feuling® oil pumps; see page ???.


NOTE:Requires PART #0925-0036 When Using Gear Drive Cams.
  • Chain Drive
  • Gear Drive
  • High-Flow
TYPE:Support Plate


Year Make Model  
2011 - 2013Harley-DavidsonBlackline - FXS
2013 - 2015Harley-DavidsonBreakout (EFI) FXSB
2008 - 2011Harley-DavidsonCross Bones (EFI) - FLSTSB
2007 - 2015Harley-DavidsonDeluxe (EFI) - FLSTN
2007Harley-DavidsonDeuce (EFI) - FXSTD
2008 - 2015Harley-DavidsonDyna Fat Bob (EFI) - FXDF
2007 - 2009Harley-DavidsonDyna Low Rider (EFI) - FXDL
2014Harley-DavidsonDyna Low Rider (EFI) - FXDL
2015Harley-DavidsonDyna Low Rider (EFI) -FXDL
2006Harley-DavidsonDyna Low Rider-Injected - FXDL-I
2007 - 2015Harley-DavidsonDyna Street Bob (EFI) - FXDB
2006Harley-DavidsonDyna Street Bob - FXDB-I
2007 - 2010Harley-DavidsonDyna Super Glide (EFI) - FXD
2007 - 2014Harley-DavidsonDyna Super Glide Custom (EFI) - FXDC
2006Harley-DavidsonDyna Super Glide Custom Injected - FXDC I
2006Harley-DavidsonDyna Super Glide Injected - FXD I
2012 - 2015Harley-DavidsonDyna Switchback - FLD
2007 - 2008Harley-DavidsonDyna Wide Glide (EFI) - FXDWG
2010 - 2015Harley-DavidsonDyna Wide Glide (EFI) - FXDWG
2006Harley-DavidsonDyna Wide Glide-Injected - FXDWG-I
2007 - 2013Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Classic (EFI) - FLHTC
2007 - 2009Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Standard (EFI) - FLHT
2007 - 2015Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Ultra Classic (EFI) - FLHTCU
2015Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Ultra Classic Low-FLHTCUL
2010 - 2015Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Ultra Limited - FLHTK
2007 - 2015Harley-DavidsonFat Boy (EFI) - FLSTF
2010 - 2015Harley-DavidsonFat Boy Lo - FLSTFB
2012 - 2015Harley-DavidsonFLS Slim
2007 - 2015Harley-DavidsonHeritage Classic (EFI) - FLSTC
2007 - 2009Harley-DavidsonRoad Glide (EFI) - FLTR
2010 - 2013Harley-DavidsonRoad Glide Custom - FLTRX
2015Harley-DavidsonRoad Glide Custom - FLTRX
2015Harley-DavidsonRoad Glide Special-FLTRXS
2011 - 2013Harley-DavidsonRoad Glide Ultra - FLTRU
2007 - 2015Harley-DavidsonRoad King (EFI) - FLHR
2007 - 2013Harley-DavidsonRoad King Classic (EFI) - FLHRC
2007Harley-DavidsonRoad King Custom (EFI) - FLHRS
2008 - 2009Harley-DavidsonRocker (EFI) - FXCW
2008 - 2011Harley-DavidsonRocker C (EFI) - FXCWC
2007 - 2010Harley-DavidsonSoftail Custom (EFI) - FXSTC
2007 - 2009Harley-DavidsonSoftail Night Train (EFI) - FXSTB
2007Harley-DavidsonSoftail Springer Classic (EFI) - FLSTSC
2007Harley-DavidsonSoftail Standard (EFI) - FXST
2007 - 2015Harley-DavidsonStreet Glide (EFI) - FLHX
2014 - 2015Harley-DavidsonStreet Glide Special - FLHXS
2010 - 2011Harley-DavidsonStreet Glide Trike - FLHXXX
2009 - 2015Harley-DavidsonTri Glide Ultra Classic - FLHTCUTG
2015Harley-DavidsonUltra Limited Low-FLHTKL

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