Regional Sales Manager

Job Description:
Drag Specialties, the leading supplier in the wholesale distribution of aftermarket V-Twin motorcycle parts and accessories, is looking for qualified Regional Sales Managers in the following areas:

  • Southeast Region
  • (this specific RSM position would manage Sales Reps in areas of FL, GA, AL, MS, LA, SC, NC and TN and must be centrally based in this region)

    The following ideas and tasks are designed to help you understand your primary responsibilities as an RSM.

    1. Support the Company, its Business Philosophy, Programs & Employees

    2. Develop a Regional Plan with realistic Sales Goals & Objectives

  • Be aware of how your region is performing compared to those goals and objectives by checking your region’s sales numbers weekly

  • 3. Rep Travel – RSM should travel with each rep quarterly & perform the following:

  • Review & level each rep’s sales report (3 – 4 Reps per month)
  • Review 30 day rotation (Large – Weekly, Medium – Twice per month, Small – Monthly) C. Review Rep Activity Logs with each Rep
  • Review each dealer’s catalog coding
  • Dealer Calls – 6 Steps of Selling on every visit
  • Review Rep tools on hand – Programs, Samples, Purchase Histories, Sales Reports, Trunk File, Catalogs, Backorder Lists, Promotional Literature, etc.
  • Evaluate Rep using form & provide written recap with signature for file
  • Perform Annual Rep Review with each Rep

  • 4. Events

  • Planning/coordination of Events with Corporate Office
  • Who, What, When & Where – Give the Reps a plan
  • Set specific Attendance & Sales Goals for each Rep
  • Communicate your expectations with your Reps prior to each event (Dress Code, Pre-Registration, Attendance, Purchase Histories, Follow-Up, etc.)
  • Establish a plan for Product Specialist/Vendor travel
  • Pre-show meeting with your team
  • Discuss goals, promotions, programs, discounts, etc.
  • Vendor preview with team – Find out from each vendor what the Reps focus should be.
  • Assist Event personnel with registration
  • Post Show Recap
  • Recap meeting with your team to review Sales Goals & Attendance totals
  • Gather useful information & forward Event recap to Corporate Office

  • 5. Office

  • Weekly Activity Reports to National Sales Manager
  • Sales Numbers (Highlights)
  • Reps traveled with during the week
  • Dealers visited & Description of what you saw – Reps, dealers, competitors
  • Rep evaluation
  • Office days – Activities accomplished
  • Review Rep Weekly Activity Reports
  • Read & respond, if necessary, to each & every weekly report
  • Review rotation & its effectiveness
  • Understand what is being accomplished on each call (6 Steps of Selling)
  • Call 5 – 10 dealers per week from all Rep Reports – use Dealer interview form
  • Understand what is being accomplished on a Rep’s office day
  • Quarterly Itineraries in advance to NSM
  • Review Sales by Rep & Vendor Sales Reports – Are we getting the job done?

  • Job Type: Full-time

    Required experience:

  • Sales Management: 2 years
  • Powersports Industry: 2 years
  • Please submit your cover letter and resume to