2013 Street Glide by Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson

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Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson took this Street Glide from simple to stunning with a little help from the FatBook. See your Drag Specialties dealer to create your stunning ride.
Part #
1701-0182Performance Machine Left Front Brake Caliper
1701-0181Performance Machine Right Front Brake Caliper
1710-2171Performance Machine 11.8" Virtue Front Rotors
1710-2173Performance Machine 11.8" Virtue Rear Rotor
1741-2934Drag Specialties Black Upper Front Brake line Kit
0201-1714Performance Machine 23 × 3.2 Virtue Platinum Cut Front Wheel
0202-1838Performance Machine 17 × 6 Virtue Platinum Cut Rear Wheel
0301-0099Avon AV71 130/60R23 Front Tire
0302-0168Avon AV72 200/55R17 Rear Tire
3501-0833Drag Specialties Extended Left Saddlebag
3501-0832Drag Specialties Extended Right Saddlebag
3501-0570Arlen Ness Retro Saddlebag Latch Covers
1410-0027Klock Werks Front Fender Mounting Blocks
1311-0101Legend Black Aero Air Shocks
0416-0026LA Choppers 41mm Front Lowering Kit
0408-0310Motor Trike 6º Raked Triple Tree Kit
1401-0296Paul Yaffe “Thicky” 23" Front Fender
2030-0648Küryakyn Curved License Plate Mount
0403-0071Performance Machine Lower Fork Leg Kit
0411-0056Performance Machine Chrome Tech Slider Covers
0801-0689Saddleman Profiler Argyle Seat
1621-0540Carl Brouhard Designs Elite Edge Floorboards
1620-1088Carl Brouhard Designs Elite Footpegs
1602-0484Küryakyn Transmission Shift Arm Cover
1107-0288Battistini Wire Frame Derby Cover
1601-0298Arlen Ness Deep Cut Round Shifter Rod
0940-1157Performance Machine Scalloped Chrome Rocker box Covers
1802-0260Vance & Hines Power Duals Headers
1801-0585Python 4" Chrome Mufflers w/ Black Angle-cut End Caps
0940-1131Battistini Wire Frame Points Cover
2001-0832Primo Rivera Phase II 7" LED Headlight
2202-0069Hoppe Industries Radio Accents
2202-0062Drag Specialties Indicator Light Bezel
2212-0180Dakota Digital 6-Pack Blue Gauge Kit
2212-0265Dakota Digital Blue Air Gauge
2212-0008Dakota Digital Sending Unit For Air Gauge
4405-0289Hogtunes Speaker Lid Kit with 6" × 9" Speakers
4405-0172Hogtunes Tweeter Pod
4405-0265Hogtunes 5.25" REV Speaker/Amp Kit
4405-0264Hogtunes 140 watt REV Amplifier
4405-0234Hogtunes Amplifier Mount
2107-0185Custom Dynamics Chrome Air Horn
1010-1329Performance Machine Chrome Max HP Air Cleaner
1015-0113Küryakyn Throttle Servo Cover
1020-1521Vance & Hines Fuelpak
2202-0154Covington’s Dimpled Dash Insert
0703-0565Arlen Ness Beveled Fuel Door
0601-2035Klock Werks 10" Klip Black Handlebars
0603-0363Paul Yaffe Super Riser Clamp
0630-0950Roland Sands Design Tracker Black Ops Grips
0610-0607Roland Sands Design Regulator Levers
1610-0271Carl Brouhard Designs Elite Brake Pedal Peg
1610-0205Carl Brouhard Designs Elite Brake Arm/Lever
0652-1437Drag Specialties Black Vinyl Clutch Cable
1602-0408Carl Brouhard Designs Heel Toe Shift Lever
1603-0135Carl Brouhard Designs Shift Pegs
1601-0277Carl Brouhard Designs Shift Rod Lever Chrome
0640-0414Joker Machine View Tech Right Mirror
0640-0412Joker Machine View Tech Left Mirror
0641-0102Paul Yaffe Bagga Chips Mirror Plugs
2310-0212Klock Werks 6.5" Smoke Flare Windshield
2350-0207Performance Machine Merc Windshield Trim
3508-0022Klock Werks Windshield/“NAV” Bag