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Contemporary and classic, cafe and cruiser, timeless and trick — that’s our 2015 FatBook™ cover bike. A reborn 2010 Harley-Davidson® XL1200N serving as inspiration for builders on a budget and featuring a variety of vintage-style parts from top vendors. Look for this modern custom, inspired by yesteryear, on the Drag Specialties show-semi circuit throughout the year.
Part #
DS-324609Performance Machine 4 Piston Front Brake Caliper
1701-0480Performance Machine 4 Piston Rear Brake Caliper
1710-1610DP Brakes Front Brake Rotor
1710-1611DP Brakes Rear Brake Rotor
2401-0181Diamond Engineering Stainless Rear Rotor Bolts
1742-0136Diamond Engineering ⅜"-24 12 Point Banjo Bolt
2401-0320Diamond Engineering 10mm 41750-06A Banjo Bolt
DS-098105Drag Specialties ⅜" Brake Crush Washers (10-pk.)
1731-0283Roland Sands Design Rear Master Cylinder Cap
0610-0665Roland Sands Design Front Master Cylinder Cap
1741-3194Magnum Shielding BYO 25' Roll Brake Line
1742-0299Magnum Shielding BYO 10mm × 35º Fitting
1742-0300Magnum Shielding BYO 10mm × 60º Fitting
1742-0298Magnum Shielding BYO 10mm × 180º Fitting
1802-0901Accutronix Cable Clamp (Used on Rear Brake Line)
0203-0398Drag Specialties 60 Spoke 19" Front Wheel
0204-0359Drag Specialties 60 Spoke 16" Rear Wheel
97190Continental RB2 325H19 Front Tire
97110Continental K112 MT90H16 Rear Tire
DS181229Drag Specialties 19" Inner Tube
DS181227Drag Specialties 16" Inner Tube
2401-0424Colony Front Wheel Spacer Kit
2401-0415Colony Rear Wheel Spacer Kit
0806-0048Drag Specialties Solar Reflective Leather Large Solo Seat
0820-0057Lowbrow Customs 2.5" Hairpin Seat Springs
0411-0060Lowbrow Customs 39mm Fork Shrouds (Painted)
0214-0552Joker Machine Black Axle Adjusters
0414-0448Roland Sands Design Fork Preload Adjusters
0410-0188Roland Sands Design Steering Stem Nut Kit
1620-1126Biltwell Black Sanderson Foot pegs
0510-0268Drag Specialties Chrome Kickstand
DS-233678Drag Specialties Chrome Kickstand Spring
1310-1118Legend Suspension 12" Revo “A” Adjustable Coil Shocks
0407-0057Drag Specialties 39mm Fork Seals
MC-592-1Chris Products Black License Plate Frame
3550-0165Biltwell Stash Tube
1303-0200Drag Specialties Swing Arm Pivot Bolt Covers
1201-0783Roland Sands Design Countershaft Pulley Cover
1202-0100Roland Sands Design Tracker Transmission Pulley Guard
1202-0091Roland Sands Design Tracker Belt Guard
0940-1190Roland Sands Design Clarity Derby Cover
3604-0001Drag Specialties Gear & Chain case Oil
1201-0520Drag Specialties Chrome Rear Pulley Cover
2404-0171Diamond Engineering 7/16"-14 × 1¼" Bolts (5-pk.)
2404-0497Diamond Engineering 7/16" Flange Washers (5-pk.)
1107-0106Drag Specialties Chrome Inspection Cover
1602-0137Drag Specialties Chrome Shift Lever
1603-0196Joker Machine Black Shift Peg
1130-0004Muller Power Clutch Unit
1800-1312Python 2-2 Throwback Exhaust System
0940-1142Roland Sands Design Chrome Nostalgic Rocker Covers
0934-2097James Gaskets Rocker Cover Gasket Kit
1902-0409Drag Specialties Head Bolt Covers
0940-1197Biltwell Ripple Stainless Steel Ignition Cover
0933-0013Drag Specialties Engine Mount Link Arms
0933-0012Drag Specialties Motor Mount Kit
1861-0451Drag/Hotop O₂ Sensor Covers
2401-0271Diamond Engineering Engine Transform Bolt Kit
3601-0045Drag Specialties 20W50 Engine Oil
0706-0052Namz Custom Cycle Products ⅜" Silver Hose Clamps
2001-0334Todd’s Cycle 5.75" Martini Headlight
2001-0599Headwinds Headlight Mounting Post
2010-1080Biltwell Mako Black Taillight
2030-0701Biltwell Taillight License Plate Bracket
2107-0045Drag Specialties 2.5" Chrome Horn
BL775-03CHGoodridge Brake Light Switch Banjo Bolt
1742-0041Drag/Hotop Brake Light Switch Cover
DS-376596Küryakyn Chrome Solenoid End Cover
2020-0580Todd’s Cycle Small Red Martini Turn Signals
2040-1280Lazer Star 5/16"-24 × 2" Turn Signal Mounting Bolts
2020-0516Cycle Visions Recessed Turn Signal Cover Plates
2104-0247Drag Specialties 8.8mm Universal Plug Wires
2103-0196Drag Specialties Black Ceramic Spark Plugs
0933-0067Roland Sands Design Coil and Ignition Switch Mount
2210-0153Joker Machine Speedometer Mount
2050-0148Custom Dynamics Turn Signal Stabilizer Unit
0701-0382Roland Sands Design EFI Fuel Tank/Gas-It Kit
0703-0459Drag Specialties Chrome Pop-Up Fuel Cap
KR004Kreem Fuel Tank Cleaner and Seal Kit
0502-0473Lowbrow Customs ⅛" Thick Gas Tank Mount Tabs
0706-0224Lowbrow Customs Clear Sight Gauge Kit for Fuel Tank
DS275203Drag Specialties Chrome Oil Filter
1010-0692Joker Machine Black Air Cleaner Assembly
0601-2190Biltwell Mustache Chrome Handlebar
0602-0569Biltwell 2" Stainless Steel Risers and Clamp
0610-0595Roland Sands Design Black Ops Avenger Lever Set
0652-1476Drag Specialties Braided Clutch Cable
0650-0288Drag Specialties Braided Throttle Cable
0651-0096Drag Specialties Braided Idle Cable
0632-0589Biltwell “Whiskey” Throttle Tube
0630-1314Lowbrow Customs/Cole Foster Gray Grips
0640-0608Joker Machine 3.25" Black Bar End Mirror
0641-0099Joker Machine Bar End Mirror Mount
Paint & Graphics
Tank at Tuff Cycle, Aurora, Ohio

Lower fork legs shaved, powder-coated and swapped left to right
Lower OEM rocker boxes chrome plated
RSD Softail EFI fuel tank slightly modified to fit Sportster