2013 OldBook™ Cover Bike by Michael Prugh & Rapid City Area Students

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Inspired by classic style and carefully crafted, the 2013 OldBook™ cover bike is the amazing work of Michael Prugh — owner of Prugh Designs in Rapid City, South Dakota — and students from Western Dakota Technical Institute, The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and Rapid City high schools.
Part #
1701-0283GMA Rear Brake Caliper, Black
1701-0277GMA Front Brake Caliper, Black
DS-098109Drag Specialties 3/8"-24 Banjo Bolts
1742-0072Russell 3/8/10mm Straight Banjo Fitting
3134Russell Black Brake Line 25' Roll
1710-0149EBC Front Brake Rotor
1710-0157EBC Rear Brake Rotor
2401-0295Gardner Westcott Brake Rotor Bolt Kit
2401-0288Gardner Westcott Brake Rotor Bolt Kit
40525Russell 1/4" - 28 Speed Bleeder
0501-0072Kraft Tech 180 Tire 30° Rake 0" Stretch Rigid Frame
0203-0453Perf. Machine Platinum Cut 21" x 3.5" Spoked Wire Wheel
0408-0293Drag Specialties FL-Style Triple Trees
DS-222910Drag Specialties 3-Piece Fork Tins
1809-2160Drag Specialties FXSTD Fork Leg Assemblies
0416-0037Progressive Suspension Drop-In Fork Lowering Kit
1305-0700Pro One Smooth Fork Boots
22-1032Drag Specialties Steering Stem Bearing Kit
DS-222158Colony Fork Stem Lock Washer
110-12893Metzeler 120/70-21" ME 880 Front Tire
110-13074Metzeler 200/50R18" ME 880 Rear Tire
DS-220115Custom Cycle Engineering 41mm 22.25" Fork Tubes
DS-181505Drag Specialties 21" Rim Strip
DS-181506Drag Specialties 18" Rim Strip
DS-181231Drag Specialties 21" Inner Tube
DS-181220Drag Specialties 18" Inner Tube
0806-0047Drag Specialties Black Large Solo Seat
1902-0038Arlen Ness Telescoping Kickstand
2401-0147Diamond Engineering Rear Axle Adjustment Bolt Kit
2401-0194Diamond Engineering Rear Axle Adjustment Spacers
DS-222823Drag Specialties Stainless Axle Adjuster Plates
1401-0297Paughco Rear Hinged Rear Fender (modified)
DS-393488Drag Specialties FL-Style Front Fender (modified)
1101-0029JIMS 5-Speed Polished Transmission
DS-243621Drag Specialties Transmission Mounting Plate
1800-0941Paughco 40" 1¾" Drag Pipes
DS-325147PBI 49-Tooth Rear Sprocket
1201-0104Drag Specialties 1.250" Pulley/Rear Sprocket Spacer
1120-0130Rivera/Primo .500" Inner Primary Cover Spacer
1212-0137PBI 23 Tooth .500" Offset Transmission Sprocket
1106-0001Baker Drivetrain Transmission Sprocket Spacer
DS-194003JIMS Transmission Sprocket Mega Nut Kit
1222-0266Drag Specialties 530x120 O-Ring Chain
1120-0270Drag Specialties Sprocket Shaft Extension
1120-0001Drag Specialties 1" Extended Compensating Shaft
DS-195196Drag Specialties Compensating Sprocket Kit
DS-192510Eastern M/C Clutch Pushrod Kit
202250Pro One Hydraulic Transmission End Cover
1107-0037Drag Specialties Chrome Outer Primary Cover
DS-375639Drag Specialties Inner Primary Cover
DS-191018Belt Drives Ltd. Primary Drive System
DS-375196Accutronix Chrome Inspection Cover
1601-0239Drag Specialties 12.5" Shift Rod
DS-203210Drag Specialties Heavy Duty Exhaust Clamps
0934-0743Cometic Primary Gasket Kit
DS-245276Gardner Westcott 1/8" NPT Hex Socket Plug
DS-196185Terry Components 1.6 KW Polished Starter
2102-0021S&S 3 Ohm Coil
2104-0149Drag Specialties 8.8 Universal Plug Wires
2010-0083Kuryakyn Tombstone Tailight
2001-0097Drag Specialties 5¾" Clear, Smooth Headlight
DS-195210Drag Specialties 32-Amp Charging System
2113-0077Drag Specialties Battery Cushion
2106-0016Hotop Designs Ignition Switch
2120-0086ThunderHeart Micro Harness Contoller
2110-0242Rivera/Primo Starter Jackshaft Kit
DS-720018Drag/Hotop Voltage Regulator Mount
1742-0098Goodridge 90° Brake Light Switch Boot
2120-0331Namz Molex Electrical Connectors
2120-0314Namz Molex Electrical Connectors, 3-Pin
2120-0323Namz Molex Electrical Connector, 3-Pin
2120-0341Namz U-Barrel Socket Connectors
2120-0342Namz U-Barrel Pin Connectors
2120-0318Namz Molex 6-Pin Connector
2120-0313Namz Plug & Receptacle Kit
2210-0029Drag/Hotop Designs Speedo Sensor Hole Plug
DS-391237Drag Specialties 3.5 Gallon Flat Side Fuel Tank
DS-390219Drag Specialties 90 Degree Fuel Petcock
DS-310232Drag Specialties Winged Oil Tank
DS-310245Custom Cycle Engineering In-Line Oil Drain Kit
DS-06226Drag Specialties 3/8" 25-ft. Oil Line
0706-0151Drag Specialties 5/16" 3-ft. Fuel Line
0706-0150Drag Specialties 1/4" 3-ft. Fuel Line
DS-391300Badlands Fuel Tank Conversion Mounts
DS-310255Drag Specialties Front & Rear Oil Tank Brackets
0703-0390Carl Brouhard Chrome Straight-Cut Gas Cap, Non-Vented
0703-0388Carl Brouhard Chrome Straight-Cut Gas Cap, Vented
0706-0200Goodridge 5/16" Quick Disconnect Coupling
0706-0199Goodridge 1/4" Quick-Disconnect Coupling
3606-0009Drag Specialties 85W-140 Trans Oil
3609-0025Drag Specialties 20W Fork Oil
3601-0045Drag Specialties 20W-50 Engine Oil
0650-0345Drag Specialties 30" Black Vinyl Throttle Cable
1621-0161Drag Specialties Moon Floorboards
0610-0235Performance Machine 9/16" Handlebar Master Cylinder
0610-0237Performance Machine 11/16" Handlebar Clutch Master Cylinder
0632-0421Performance Machine Throttle Housing
0602-0373Todd’s Cycle Bone Bar Clamps and Risers f/11/8" Bars
0630-0594Drag Specialties Vintage Grips
Paint & Graphics
Sheldon Oukrop and Robbie Arguello
COLOR: Sherwin Williams Special Mix Gun Metal Blue