2014 OldBook™ Cover Bike

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This year’s OldBook Cover Bike is courtesy of Mitchell Technical Institute, located in Mitchell, South Dakota. Instructor Darin Maltsberger, works with the students not only on fabrication and mechanical skills, but life skills as well. Pulling 20 different personalities together isn’t easy, but the end result is an awesome Shovelhead that is a testament to the rigid choppers of the late 60s.
Part #
1203-4401Drag Specialties Rear Caliper
1701-0242GMA Front Brake Caliper For Springer
DS325092Drag Specialties Rear Brake Rotor
DS325091Drag Specialties Front Brake Rotor
2401-0287Gardner Westcott Rear Brake Rotor Bolt Kit
2401-0294Gardner Westcott Front Brake Rotor Bolt Kit
DS098845Drag Specialties 45" Stainless Rear Brake Line
1741-2479Russell 40" Stainless Front Brake Line
DS098105Drag Specialties 3/8" Crush Washers (10 pack)
DS098109Drag Specialties 3/8" - 24 Banjo Bolt
DS098147Drag Specialties 3/8" Straight Banjo
DS098150Drag Specialties 3/8" 35º Banjo
0501-0082Paughco Single Loop Big Twin Frame
0214-0581Drag Specialties Chrome Rear Axle Kit
DS222800Drag Specialties Neck Bearing Cups
221032Drag Specialties Steering Stem Bearings
DS195062Drag Specialties Rear Chain Adjusters
DS189914Colony Motor Mount Kit
0203-0050Drag Specialties 60 Spoke 21 × 2.15 Front Wheel
0204-0053Drag Specialties 80 Spoke 16 × 3.5 Rear Wheel
DS181224Drag Specialties 21" Inner Tube
AV003Avon Speedmaster 3.00 × 21 Front Tire
AV004Avon 5.00 × 16 Rear Tire
DS181232Drag Specialties 16" Inner Tube
P181STPaughco Wide Springer Front End Standard
P186B1Paughco Wide Springer Axle Kit
DS380055Drag Specialties 1 Piece Smooth Rear Fender
0806-0056Drag Specialties Seats Large Brown Solo Seat
0820-0029Drag Specialties 5" Springs for Solo Seats
2404-0032Drag Specialties 5/16" - 18 Vibration Mounts
DS233677Drag Specialties Kickstand Kit
DS325778JIMS 5 speed in a 4 Speed Case Transmission
1105-0011Paughco Transmission Mount Plate
1120-0212Belt Drives LTD 2" Belt Drive
1222-0266Drag Specialties 530 × 120 O-Ring Chain
1601-0212Battistinis 9 1/4” Shift Linkage
16010003Cycle Visions 2" Shift Rod Extension
DS199459Drag Specialties .250 Rear Sprocket Spacer
DS197052JIMS Transmission Sprocket Spacer
1212-0702Drag Specialties 24 Tooth Transmission Sprocket
1210-0365Drag Specialties 49 Tooth Flat Rear Sprocket
DS189975Colony Transmission Sprocket Nut
0901-0132S&S 93" Shovelhead Motor
0933-0020Pro-One Evo Motor Mount Smooth
1800-0906Paughco Upswept Gooseneck Exhaust Pipes
DS325920Joker Machine Point Cover
DS275104Drag Specialties Oil Filter Mount
DS280105Paughco Custom 5 3/4" Headlight
DS285005Drag Specialties Headlight Mounting Block
2104-0229NYC Choppers Universal Blue Cloth Plug Wires
120020K&S Brake Light Switch
1742-0098Goodridge 90º Brake Light Boot
2110-0039Comp-u-Fire Gen 3 Starter
2106-0016Don Hotop Ignition Switch
2010-0790NYC Choppers 50 Pontiac Taillight/License Plate Mount
2120-0387NYC Choppers Cloth Wiring Harness
12V Ballistic Battery
2102-0001Dyna Mini Dual Tower Coils
0701-0184Paughco 3 Gallon Wide Mustang Fuel Tank
1913-3005Colony Tank Mount Bushings
0710-0136Drag Specialties Oil Tank
93607DCHGoodridge 5/16" - 3/8" Chrome Hose Ends
93604DCHGoodridge 1/4" Chrome Hose Ends
DS096605Drag Specialties Braided 1/4" Line - 3'
0704-0009LA Choppers Weld-on Tank Mounts
0705-0017Golan 3/8" Petcock
DS244111Drag Specialties Oil Pressure Gauge Kit
1622-0339Battistinis Round Hole Forward Controls
0601-0567Drag Specialties 10" Chrome Ape Hanger Handlebars
DS290823JayBrake Clutch Lever Assembly
0610-0148JayBrake Handlebar Master Cylinder
0616-0136JayBrake Left Side Switch Assembly
0616-0133JayBrake Right Side Switch Assembly
DS241152Battistinis Grips w/ Round Holes
DS223046Drag Specialties 1 1/4" Cable Clamp
DS223042Drag Specialties 1" Cable Clamp
0652-1466Drag Specialties Braided Clutch Cable
DS223040Drag Specialties 1" Dual Cable Throttle Clamp
DS243496Pro-One Shifter Rod Ends (Pr)
DS290224Drag Specialties 6" Risers with Smooth Top
DS302050Drag Specialties 4" Round Mirror
DS-33196Magnum Sterling Chromite II Throttle Cable 38 1/2"
DS-34196Magnum Sterling Chromite II Idle Cable 38"
Paint & Graphics
Paint applied using a “Hydro-Dip” film procedure for a unique look
Paint supplied by Auto Body Specialties, Sioux Fall, SD
Paint team headed up Todd Dozark
Paint: PPG #5589 Blue Metallic